Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kelly Rowland fires Beyonces Father

I could have tried another headline, but this was my favourite!
Cos, even though Mr Knowles has always managed the other girls with their solo careers, i have always wondered what kind of chance they would ever have with Beyonces dad!

He does not have to mean them harm.
But really?
I am going to get a call from Beyonce's dad and not expect to talk about Beyonce?
And when we do talk about Kelly, would he fight as hard as he would have if it was Beyonce?

For me, it is the best move for both parties cos eveb Mr Knowles must know (lol) that people talk and are suspicious of him jo!

I have always loved Kelly.
The first Destinys Child vid i saw (the one with Wyclef), i got hooked on the girl with the cute hair cut!
They have been trying to shove Beyonce down my throat for years now and yes
- she can sang!
- she can dance

but she is not Kelly, and has never been to me!

I have also thought Kelly has been a bit silly putting her career in Beyonce's families' hands, but then again, they grew up 'practically like sisters' (YAWN).
Abeg jo!

Love a lot of Kellys songs, and truth is, Beyonce's star power is right now, almost uncontestable (i make words up as well, WHAT?). But good on Kelly for trying to do things another way!

Both parties (Kelly and Mr Knowles) claim the spplit was amicable, and we pray so!

Now Kelly, get your game on!
And could someone please tell Michelle to either go back to gospel music or put some clothes on?


  1. i absolutely adored kell's first album "simply deep" that girl was just not appreciated at all. and while promoting her 2nd album, she speaks as if she was ashamed of that 1st album claiming it wasnt really "her". can you believe her? so "simply deep", "stole", "sailing", "strange places" those were deep songs! beyonce just got packaged better. no one was making noise about beyonce, and kelly always had a better dress sense in the DC videos n pictures. lets just hope she gets a better, less biased manager.....

  2. Go girl! how come i never knew dat? Am soooo glad for kelly! I think Mr. knowles shld hav been sacked eons ago! for the sake of all the laws that are against defamation, i will withhold my comments on the knowles and their famous duaghter!