Saturday, January 31, 2009


So i love talking about what i am up to at any given moment.forgive me, it is just that i was born with a diva attitude, I therefore assume everyone wants to know what i care about

Right now, i am loving...
Music wise, i am in a phase.
Who i am REALLY loving at the moment is the TRUE SCHOOL of music- M.I, Kel, BANKY and songs off the KNIGHTHOUSE STREET SCRIPTURES album!
But because i am in a phase, i am listening more to Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna (TAKE A BOW), Heather Hedley, and Yolanda Adams (cos only Jesus can save me fo' sho!). Banky, cd i pls have another Colbie album?

I find that i am finally loving T.I
Not from the pop point of view, but he might actually make it to that list that previously had only Tupac and Eminem.

Have no clue where all the nice movies are, but the last movie i saw and liked-ish was TRANSPORTER 3 which i will be reviewing soon!

Maybe i shd say it again!

This has to be persons cos im loving the UnRulies right now, and if anyone dont like my friends, then they dont like me, and i dont like you, but cos God loves you, and loves me, we still good!

I am also, very grateful to Yinka Bello at the moment, and he knows why! Also loving Chris Ihidero for he has no cliches to offer, and Noble for being there, and Deyo who is just a friend i forget i have till stuff happens then we lean right back on each other! Thanks for the love and support you have shown at this period sister!... Love JIBOLA OLUBIYI cos she is JIBOLA and no one be like her, and love REMI for eating pounded yam with me and letting me know we would always be friends!
Im loving Kunle (you know who u are) for the movies and the shorts, and Alex, and Gbemi!
Ayodele Ayohla Adepoju... you know what that means!
And i love Teniola even as we say goodbye to each other!

My favourite event despite one or two hiccups is the FUTURE AWARDS
I have not reviewed it yet, cos as some of you may know, i fell ill the week of the awards, but will review it!
In the review, i will tell u i thot Dare was brilliant and Onyinye was not, I did not win but Emmanuel deserved the award, M.I, Omawunmi and Rooftop rocked, i wore a lovely top but forgot to mosturise my feet properly, was made up by LABELLES TOUCH and looked like a rock star, and the UnRulies ruled the night!
Hmm, seems i have reviewed it!
No oh, there is still more to say so hang on!

As for upcoming events, the UnRulies will be throwing a ball with a difference soon!
Mehn, you know when that happens, Lagos go hear am!

Life will keep teaching us lessons till we learn them!
What lesson have you learnt today?


  1. sigh go back and listen to t.i.'s lyrics. behind that thick southern accent, trust me my boy has stuff to say. i absolutely adore him. in time, so will you.

  2. lol

    in time?
    why in time

    im sold already chick

  3. Ms. B does that mean we get 2 make out in a dark room sometime then (lol i'm only messing lol!)... seriously though its a priviledge 2 have met you (you should know that) and 1 down, 11 2 go... p.s is your guardian column accessible online?

  4. no it isnt oh ayodele
    can u imagine?

    and yeah!