Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Day!

Very Brief!

Started work at TOP RADIO today!

Woke up at 4am, my mom almost fainted when i started driving out at 4.30!
But i had to cos my show is 6-11am, Mon to Fri!

It was fun, and while i remember what the last song i played was (my dad's LOVE AND AFFECTION, off his album, SON OF JANUARY 15th), i cant for the life of me remember the first song i played!

Played Omawunmi, Rooftop, Kel, Timi, M.I, and 'Purple' off the Street Scriptures album bt Knighthouse!

I am excited, a little scared (of days to come), but grateful for this opportunity!

Like i say, i was too short for t.v, so i got right back on radio!


  1. I think 'VERY BRIEF' is 'BERRY BERRY GWUD'.
    You'll be ok babe...sheebi na you.
    Will have to start tuning in asap.
    Must not miss, fingers crossed.

  2. ur new job sounds very interesting.

    who says u re 2 short 4 t.v.?

    all d best!

  3. Wish u the best

    pity i cant hear you on the radio

  4. Nice! what's the station's frequency?

  5. is the station online?

    lol i would've been shocked too if i saw you awake before noon......

  6. littleredriddinghoodFebruary 4, 2009 at 1:21 AM

    hey tosin, so are u stalking me or me u? i run into you at the cinema on monday after thinking abt u (not in that way guys,im very straight actually!)for the better part of the day (thanks for the hug too) and then this morning i put on the raido and its ur voice i hear (this girl leave me o...lol) and i see u like to play musice buy ur friends i.e M.I, Banky W etc (dnt blame u).

    Anyway all the very best on the job and i trust u can pull this one off like most other things uv been able to.

    All the very best and now GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!...LOL

  7. Gods speed with having to leave home that early

    whats the frequency so I can listen??????

  8. peeps
    thanks for swinging by and showing love

    this stalker of a thing sef

    thanks for the support, and though they are my friends, they are also songs i wd listen to even if i didnt know them!

    swing by again!

  9. Good to discover other local bloggers online.
    Great stuff you do + you clearly are enjoying it.
    Will be trawling all over your older posts shortly.