Monday, January 26, 2009

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Natives governed by Leo need constant attention in order to keep alive and warm. Here, there is a deep love for life and all of its possibilities, including luxuries. This love transfers magnificently into how Leo subjects express their feelings. When in love, individuals ruled by this Sign are supremely supportive and affection tends to grow stronger the more he or she feels that the chosen partner truly cares. In return, Leo will reward such a mate with true adoration. Leo natives are essentially romantic in a dramatic sense...and not afraid to show it. These are souls who enjoy pulling their loved ones out into their world and radiate when they feel their partners compliment some quality about themselves. Love is a thing of luxury to Leo and his or her mate will receive an abundance of personal attention, lust and emotions. Since Leo individuals are prone to judge themselves on what they have around them (hence their love of luxury), they can be somewhat appearance-conscious at times and may become overly critical of a partner's qualities, looks or talents. In truth, those who are governed by Leo truly require constant input to maintain their vitality and can, on occasion, be self-serving...sometimes to the point where it becomes egotistical. Still, love with a Leo native is like no other love and once these persons decide to give their hearts, they also give every inch of their souls...and here lies the Leo vulnerability. If their trust is broken, they are almost certain to crumble. Again, Leo subjects base their own self-judgments on those they adore. To remove the loved one from the picture is to take away the Leo identity in many ways. When natives of this Sign feel let down...and it usually takes a great deal...they either fall into an abyss of pain and depression, or become utterly cold and without feeling. The sexuality of those governed by Leo is as full of light and life as is their ruling Planet, the Sun. Generally, they are full of showmanship and expressive displays of attention. Leo natives enjoy the height of all feelings in ife and physical pleasure is just another glorious filed to explore. These are individuals who possess exotic tastes and ones who can be aggressive, passionate and encompassing in the romantic arena. It is important to remember that it is the love of life that inspires Leo natives and they can be wonderfully creative and experimental souls, particularly if they feel secure. Leo individuals are as proud in passion...or perhaps even more they are in any other area of life. The more appreciated and cherished a Leo subject feels, then the more expressive and passionate he or she will become.
The gambling instinct is inherent in all Leo natives and this will also apply to their attitude regarding affairs of the heart. These are individuals who tend to take risks and sometimes, will make mistakes. Indeed, many Leo subjects marry more than once. The glorious optimism and warmth of Leo attracts similar type partners. When young, this Sign has no time or patience for the more timid sweetheart and those ruled by Leo will spend a great deal of time juggling with romantic prospects. Leo wants a partner of whom he or she can be proud. Thus, these natives are prone to fall in love with someone they admire. No sacrifice in the name of love is too great for Leo individuals but, once the loving has ceased, then any partner will need to beware since this Sign can be totally unforgiving when crossed. This may sound rather terrible but in truth, it is not. Leo subjects are proud and sunny souls who radiate warmth and happiness, but they are often not sufficiently subtle to detect the presence of unhappiness in those who are close to them. In short, they frequently fail to realize that all is not well in a relationship. Here, personal values provide much self-confidence, yet natives of Leo are continually disappointed in the actions and motives of others. This is why they are destined to be thwarted in love at least once. Still, Leo subjects are renowned for their ability to always come up fighting.
Perhaps the best technique to employ with Leo natives is praise since there is little else that those ruled by Leo appreciate more. While it is true that any potential partner may tire of looking for things to compliment about Leo, finding and voicing such flattering words will produce tremendous dividends. Natives of Leo are drawn to pleasure and pleasant people, so it may be best for any mate not to plan activities with them if in a bad or negative mood, or not up to par in general. Leo individuals are most appreciative of youth and concepts of youthfulness. Hence, a partner is most dear to Leo when he or she thinks, acts and feels as young as possible. They are also great admirers of creativity and imagination. Perhaps the most abhorrent trait to a native of Leo is the turning off of the spotlight when he or she is basking in its warm rays and this is something a potential mate must be careful to never do. Leo subjects cannot tolerate for long those who would constantly or repeatedly attempt to upstage them and are certain to display defiance toward anyone who seriously threatens their right of rulership. In short, those governed by Leo must always be given the leading role and any mate must be willing to accept, at best, a good supporting part.
When it comes to long term commitments, Leo individuals are rather high maintenance partners. They require attention, nurturing and pampering in order for the relationship to thrive. Any potential mate must be personally strong in himself or herself to enhance the partnership...but also willing to step occasionally into Leo's shadow. Those governed by Leo are protective to the death when it comes to loved ones. In a lasting union, these will be generous and expressive souls, provided such union is constantly stoked and fed. Failure to do this will result in the Leo fire sputtering and dying. If mistreated, it will flare and burn into something totally unpredictable but if maintained and tended, it will become a life-giving warmth that is everlasting. It is important to note that those governed by this Sign need to exercise much care and prudence in the selection of a long time mate since any misstep could result in a life of unhappiness. They should be particularly cautioned against hasty commitments of a long term nature at a young age and in most instances, it would it would be advantageous for them if they not take this step until well-settled in life. Any partner should be on an equal plane both socially and intellectually for longevity to be achieved.

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