Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 random things about me

1. I have mild doses of ocd. I tend to have to do things a certain number of times, i'm addicted to some numbers, have to step on patterns when im walking in a certain way, etc etc. Was worse when i was growing up but im better now!

2. Love love.

3. Was a prefect in secondary school! Loved it!

4. I always say, if you knew me without Jesus, you would be scared. Truth is, i have this journey spiritually, and i have been on it since forever! From hating God to being Born Again, to being a Theist, Atheist, and then a Theist again, to this point where i am where i finally admit that GOD is my all in all, i have been there. And know why GOD is GOD? Cos HE has never rejected me when i come crawling back!

5. I never dated the person i was most heartbroken about. Took me seven years to get closure, and sometimes i wonder if i am 100percent over him sef!

6. If you have watched 'YES MAN' you will understand this- i have been a 'YES MAN' for a better percentage of my life! I tend to say 'yes' to all opportunities, no matter how new or scary. Thats why my c.v is the way it is, that is why people never know what i DO.

7. I am not scared of dying. I am scared of living but not being alive.

8. Funke is my best friend. I love her so much for everything she is, and how, even when she does not get me, she still lets me be me.

9. After NYSC, i stayed at home for nine months doing NOTHING. As in, all i did was watch television and think!

10. I run s.h.a.r.e which people now know, but we have been at it for a while! s.h.a.r.e also started as a matchmaking organisation of sorts, and we have four couples to our credit. Very exciting! I am thinking of reviving that aspect

11. Osagie.

12. I am a christian, but i have to battle with two things- my love of bad habits (like smoking or drinking when i'm upset), and my belief in astrology (i am so proudly leo that i worry how to reconcile that with my faith!)

13. She does not know this, but TY BELLO has made two significant changes in my life
- In university, she preached to me in the least preachy way. When i went crawling back to GOD, it was cos i rmembered stuff she said!
- She did that documentary about Mama Ekundayo. Meeting Mama Ekundayo was profound for me!

14. I love black and green! I ALWAYS wear green, and Didi has been trying to catch me for a long time but no way! Even if it is a ring, i wear green!

15. People beef me now, just cos of me, but also because i am UnRuly. But, i love being UnRuly, and if you know how we met, and who we are to one another, you'd keep hating, but for the right reasons- cos we rock!
It doesn't matter though, i said 'YES' to UnRuliness so to speak, and i will see it through. LEt the beefing and the hating continue. Keep writing notes and articles, directly and indirectly about us; keep talking ish about my brothers and sisters. While you are hating, we are growing.

A whole lot!

17. Laugh about the fact that i have five personas and four skitsonas, but seriously though, i am just making lemonade out of lemons baby!
and speaking of which
the personas are: HAZEL, CON.tra.diction, NAIJA BLONDE, SPEECHgirl and TOSYN.

18. Facebook rocks and sucks! Almost equally!

19. Last year for me, was all about the choleric. Mehn! I worked, and kept working. Then January this year, the Melancholic tapped my shoulder and we couldnt function for a bit!
Im back though, but i am taking this year as a reflective year. GOD Moved my cheese so i could find new cheese or a new route!

20. I do not see the big deal in ARRANGED marriages! I think love and marriage are a gamble anyways. People date for seven years then break up, or are friends for three years, date, then end up hating each other! Its all a quagmire!
Having said that, dont stay in it cos of society!
I guess the balance is, take the traditional African / Nigerian values, and then stir in a good dose of Hollywood romance ideals!

21. If i could, i would wear jeans everywhere- shows, weddings, anywhere!

22. I love my legs even though they have all those spots where i was bitten by insects as a child! I feel very sexy when i wear short dresses!

23. I love performing as CON.tra.diction (singer). I really love it! Record labels, Show promoters, where you at?

24. I drink tea almost every morning! It is the most calming ritual i have. Oh wait, then there is praying in the bathroom.

25. Deyo Adebiyi loves and knows me more than i love and know myself sometimes!


  1. We got #1,3, 16a, 18 in common. As for 19, my Mel showed up mid last year and has refused to go back home.

  2. I only wish Onyeka Nwelue sees number 4 soon.
    1 and 3 WERE the same for me too.