Wednesday, February 11, 2009

(Almost) Everything You Need To Know About The UnRuly Ball!

We’ve hinted, and you’ve asked, so we’re going to tell…but not everything (Gotta keep a lil’ bit of mystery, right?) about the UnRulies’ latest project.

• It’s a BALL…UnRuly Style
• It’s to raise money for 4 different charities
• We need your help

We’re asking for Partners, Volunteers, and Support.

Let’s break it down:
• Partners: Cough up the cash!
• Support: Services
• Volunteers: Well…volunteering! :o)

So much is going into this project, it’s our biggest one yet, and we’ll need a Venue, Food, Drinks, Décor, Hype, Techie know-how, Media coverage and so much more, so if you (or your business, group of friends, etc) want to donate your money (Partner), provide any of these services (Support) or just help out with the million and one small but mighty tasks that will have to be done to make this event a reality (Volunteer) we’ll love you forever! D

etails about the various charity projects will be revealed soon (remember what we said about mystery, lol?)

So contact us, or leave a comment here so we can get back to you!

Dem go hear am!


  1. about i donate my eyes????

  2. I want, I want...oops! I mean: would love to be media partners (shee we don't have to donate any gold coins?).

    Let me know how we act out our roles. Chairs ! (well, cheers).

  3. ....only u T!!!! and the unrulies can trample and get away with it!!!!!
    all zee best.......i kno its goin to be a blast

    ps: do u hav a theme colour....jus wondering

  4. Ok, I have no ngo or outfit to contribute, so can I contribte myself? I hav no gold coins either... jus small widows mite, so take a number!! lol1 but really, i'd lik to be a part of this, speechgirl, letmeinonit!!

  5. I think i will just donate my photography skills

  6. Sign me up for publicity and... you know, the hype thing.

  7. thank u all
    keep the comments coming and the interest going!

    we will have more infor again soon