Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There once was one (1)

There once was one before you
And he also looked into my eyes
He held my hands and promised
Then he took those same hands and broke them

I hear the words you say
I see your lips as they move
And then i see his eyes come through them all

There once was one before you
With words before you
With hugs before you
With promises before you
Look where i am now
Before you


  1. so feeling you. take your time love

  2. ohhhhh someone is on your case?? you sound pretty scared though but its ok like incoherent said, take your time but take note that everyone is different.

    i had a boyfriend who shattered my heart onece too and i went thru phases of dating only pple who looked like him (i know thats crazy..lol) to thinking even though they dint look like him, they would probably act like me and that made me very guarded. It wasnt until i relaised that the only reason that was happening was becos i hadnt gotten over him and so i gave myself time to heal.

    so take ur time dear it will do you a whole lot of good!

  3. ti a ba paju de; ki eni buruku koja
    eni rere naa le koja

  4. ibiluv
    i gerrit


    its so funny that it is when u feel something that u can actually open up and then u hear stories abt it
    met rebounds that sucked, and rebounds that ended in weddings with kids