Tuesday, February 26, 2008


There was life without Facebook.

This is true because history tells us the cavemen did not facebook.

I however have no proof that there was life pre-facebook. It is almost like convincing me that there was life before Celtel.

(Or Vmobile. Or Econet)

So, ow Facebook is here and taking the place of actual human contact.

Why call someone? Just poke them!

Why email them?

Just send a facebook message!

And eh, we can even have cyber hugs, slaps, and gifts. There went half of my vals day gifts.


(Here is a little hint- YOU CANNOT EAT THE CUPCAKES!)

This Facebook seems to confuse some people though

They do not know what to do and when to do it

And here i am to the rescue.

If there is anything i know, it is Facebook. (And a bit of the law my father spent money to ensure i studied in Uni. Pity, i spent more time studying the freckles on Yomi's face)

1. When you get on facebook, PUT A PICTURE UP

You can put ur body, ur face, or even ur fingernail. But ensure that there is something other than that annoying Question mark up

2. Status updates are not just updates, they seem to now be a competition to see who is coolest, zaniest, and sometimes, more depressed.

You can think up witty things to say as your update; anything from 'Tosyn is thinking up witty things to say', to 'Tosyn is still thinking up witty things to say'.

Please note however, that it is not a good idea to tell us every single thing you are doing. As in, "Tosyn is in the bathroom.", "Tosyn is in labour"

3. If a guy says he is in a relationship on his facebook profile and he starts toasting you, then you should demand that he change it. do not listen to the excuse some idiot gave me that he did not know how to edit his profile.

4. If you were bad in your past, then be very afraid of facebook.

yes, those pictures and videos will come back to haunt you

5. The more applications on your page, the slower it loads.

The slower it loads, the harder it is for people to reach your wall

This might be good or bad, depending on how you feel about it

6. Everyone is on facebook.


Your colleagues, your bosses, and your girlfriend's best friend.

And they are watching

7. You do not win any prizes for how many events you rsvp for, how many groups you join and how many friends you have.

Ah, but look who's talking

8. Facebook is a social utility. It is great for making new contacts, finding new friends, and even doing business. Do not use Facebook to cyberstalk pretty people

9. Facebook is more fun during the week. It is a simple fact. So, if u have a witty update, save it for Monday mid-noon. If you write a fantastic note, up load it Sunday night and post it in the morning. Facebook is more interesting during the week because EVERYONE facebooks at work. If this worries you next time you go in for a Doctor's appointment, post a note

10. Some people have gone beyond addiction

These people facebook all night, and all day, and then write notes giving people random information about facebook.

These people wear glasses and frequently wake up in the middle of the night typing furiously

These people might need help, but it is good to still love these people anyway

Gongon Aso


  1. Not everybody is on facebook.i'm not.what value has it added to people's lives?why shld a relationship start on or via facebook?
    I'm becoming skeptical about people that now study law.why should u spend all that time in the university & not practice?
    My sister also read law & she also does not want to practice.
    With the way you guys are going,we may not have practicing lawyers in our generation!

  2. Tosyn Bucknor, Number 1 facebooker. Honestly, i think we should do a facebook awards night like the awards night in Q.C. youll get facebook head girl. I agree with you that EVERYBODY is on facebook o, it has gotten alot of my peeps in trouble before. Nice post girl, keep it coming

  3. Facebook is part of life these days o. I just love to bite and fight people. Blogging is cool too.After FB its LOST,PRISON BREAK & JOURNEYMAN.