Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My life in blog

i once asked if Blogging was the loner's Dream
Apparently, blogging is much more than that

Not sure when blogging began, but i know that since Nigerians began blogging en masse, i have had people say to me, "Do you blog? You should blog"
And i would always say, "I do not have time, i do not use the internet like that, I already have a physical blog in GUARDIAN LIFE". Lol about that last one

The truth of the matter was, i did not blog...cos i was scared

Yesterday night, i took a stroll with a friend of mine, and we spoke about music. The question was, how much of myself do i put in my music?

When it comes to music, i put CON.tra.diction into it. She is not the whole, just a beautiful sum.
People think CON.tra.diction is a live wire, and maybe the crazy one. But she isn't. She is just a little bit of a diva!
Tosyn herself is all those things put together, and the scary thing about Tosyn is, she is HONEST.

If you ask her how she feels, she will tell you
If you ask her opinion on anyone, she will tell you
When she falls in love, she dances
When she falls out of love, she cries
Everything she feels, she is
And when she writes, it all comes out

So imagine blogging in the hands of someone like that?

I was worried that i would wake up one day and the world would know my deepest darkest secrets cos at some low point, i spilled my guts...
all of it
So i hesitated and smiled when people blogged.

Even now i read blogs; the most honest and deeply personal ones tend to be anonymous or psuedo-anonymous
Everyone else speaks about fashion and lifestlye and Tu Face

But one day i succumbed. All thanks to Bella Naija
I read her blog (and even subscribe) and was like, 'This is beautiful stuff'
She is one of my favourite bloggers. The other remains anonymous by choice

It worries me

So why am i still typing?


  1. You are typing dear cause you have things within that need to be said (even to an anonymous audience). Blogging for me is like that. Sometimes you are exhausted and too tired to bother but when you do have the time and flow it is a place to go and pour your heart out without fear of condemnation. It is a way to say this is me love it or leave it.
    So if you wanna blog let me know so i can subscribe. lol!!

  2. nice to know your blog is now been appreciated.the 1st time i stumbled on ur blog,i was wondering why there were no comments especially because you write beautifully although complicated at times.
    Blogging has actually helped me overcome my nysc disappointments and it has also helped me overcome my writing fears.

  3. the writer in u struggles to get out
    and it has...
    on the internet
    for us to read
    and for this, we say
    thank u.