Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Li'l Harmless Flirting

And so St. Valentine's Day approaches

LAst year, i had a boyfriend and so i knew what valentines day would bring
And it was all things lovely, all things nice

Pre-boyfriend era, St. Valentine's day for me was a blend of pain, misery, depression, hope, anticipation, and stubborness.
I believed that one day, it would happen.

So it did, and for two years, it was like i thought it would be.

I knew there was val's day this year, but nothing sunk in.
I thought about it briefly in January when i thought 'A' was the most beautiful man i had ever seen; i wondered if he would call me as he travelled the world.
I thought about it again very briefly when i met 'A' who seemed to have flown all the way from the city of love and crime to be with me.
But somehow, the connection never clicked

It loomed, but it was not there yet, and i could not grasp it fully.

And then there was 'R'.
And i thought about it again.
And again.
Until i realised if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.
I still had not realised what Feb 14th was, or could be.
It had not sunk in.

Until a few jokes and a few plans made it sink in
This is Valentines day
It is the day several turn their nose at because they feel you do not need a special day to celebrate love.
What do they know?
Others say why commercialise something beautiful?
I say sometimes, beauty needs to be seen, touched and felt.
This is my first valentine's day as me now

I would love to spend this day with you 'A'
But you are not a part of me any more
Infact R.A.N.A,
I am good, till further notice.

This valentine's day will be spent in love
I will spend it with the one person who puts me first
I will spend this day of love being with love, unashamedly, forever patient, always faithful
I am spending valentine's day with someone i need to discover,
Someone i need to search and fall in love with all over again.

Welcome St. Valentine's day
I want to share it with ME


  1. are you sure u dn't need to take to sm1 abt ur luv & heart problems.i spent valentine alone wishing i was married.the hype evrybdy is giving it has not even been helping matters.u seem not to be reading ur comments.sent a comment on the 9ice write-up.

  2. Saw your blog address in the Guardian Newspaper. I also checked out your Sickle Cell project website.
    Its really nice

    Hope your valentine was great.

    Nice blog you got going on here.

  3. hey Musco,
    sorry, havnt quite got the hang of this blogging thing

  4. i think if am correct i havent spent val with anyone in the past 5years,so to me i find it easy to ask others abt valentine but nah not really something i look forward to anymore....i want a man who would show me love 365days and not the feb 14th alone

    anyways i once heard someone say recently abt how easy it would be to date the man u have in ur dreams and not the reality guy,a colleague of mine once said if only God could grant her one would be to mould the man she wants... with looks and temperament that suits hers