Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Forgive me, It’s just that I was born with a Diva Attitude.

I therefore assume everyone wants to know what I care about!

It's October!

It's the month Nigeria was born!

Oh no wait, thats not right!

its the month Nigeria gained independence.

So what am i loving at the moment?


It was a nice evening, a nice way to wrap the day up, and then get into the night...Club Nomoreloss style!

We were talking about music, naturally! And for some reason, Banky, whose music i am still loving at the moment, then decided there was an artiste i simply had to listen to!

He got me a c.d, and i took it home.

Two days later, i listened to the c.d, and i have not stopped listening.

Maybe it is because she sings about love like she feels every thing, every where, even when it is not hers!

Maybe it is because she writes like Alanis, but is calm like Dido!

Maybe it is because i feel every song, as if she wrote it with me in mind.
Or maybe it is simply because COLBIE COILLAT is a fantastic singer songwriter!

Here is her artist page on ILi

This is all i am listening to at the moment.
Okay, maybe not all, but pretty much all.

Will actually do a review soon, but have to review two other albums that i am also loving
- Upgraded by Alexander Yangs (yup! he went there! lol)
and the debut album by Fourth Republic!

And as per singles, then there is no other single killing it like M.I's FIVE MINUTE FREESTYLE.


So You Think You Can Dance is back!
And Tuesday just became the new Thursday!

I am also chuffed and glad that AMBO is back!
Amstel Malta Box Office, the search for the next Box Office Star, will begin airing in November, but the auditions start this month so why are you still reading this note and not on the site?

Some people still have not made it to s.h.a.r.e Sunday at the Bay, Just Because, LUNCH AND s.h.a.r.e or s.h.a.r.e Movie Reviews
We wonder why!
Every s.h.a.r.e event is designed to appeal to different vibes, work schedules, and temperaments but they have one thing in common-
they ROCK!

Taruwa also rocks, and the first Taruwa at Jazz Sessions rocked pieces!
Al Hassan was as always, a charming host, while the ladies- Funmi Fatona and Ayotunde Awofusi, showed that they are more than eye candy. I still want that dress you wore Funmi.
Sistah Soul s.h.a.r.ed her new song with us (we want it for the Taruwa album jo), and bez once again won hearts with his song and smile!
SPEECHgirl might have read a poem out.

Looking forward to being at SWE BAR this Saturday for JUST BECAUSE RITA WON AN AWARD!
Niyi Tabiti is presenting Rita with the BEST DRESSED NOLLYWOOD ACTRESS, as voted by readers of his blog, and it will be a nice, chilled out evening!
Rita is going to enjoy Tosyns Tipple on the house!


Still waiting to be impressed!


my sister of course
She is now blogging,

Osagie of course!
Much love, and get well soon punkette!

Godwin Tom and Doyin, Chiedu and Ayotunde, and all the millions of people who make love look loveLY!

My ex
Ho Ho Ho

My sisters blog!
bella Naija as always!
Aloofa is too mahd!
That Gemini Girl!
Unruly Inc

The ups and downs, the highs and falls.
I love it all, and im not quitting now!

Go nominate at

And let me know what YOU are loving at the moment!
If you are in Lagos, and can redeem your prizes, then you can also win a prize, just by telling me what you are loving!

t.I would love to hear from you o online community; what are YOU loving at the moment?


  1. i hope i'm the first yah!!!!
    i love fourth republic........and their video is tyte too
    MI is still the man i can't get over him!!!!!

    this month so far i'm still lurvin
    taio cruz - like a star
    cookie jar
    kiss fm's rick n melvin

    and i still can't get over my i'm lurvin that too

    books....stated the month with meg cabot's size 12 is not fat now i'm readin a lee child

    sorry to break......but i'm totally hatin the credit crunch news

  2. Hi. First time here. So you went to Fountain. I went to Sunny Fields down the road. I am loving October - my birthday was yesterday.
    9ice- Gongo Aso and Dbanj- Fall in love- i play from morning to night.
    Loving my writing also.

    Nice meeting you- well on blogville

  3. ur a bit late on the colbie thing.. is ur first addictive song bubbly??
    and i'm soo hooked on banky w's music!! im addicted...
    thats one addiction i wldnt go to banky w's anonymous for ever!

    and music is my way of life,so,yay!! i always love that...i could give you a list,buh u dint ask for

    and of course i'm hooked on designing clothes and obsessed with making my customers happy...

    uhm, wana sambo:designer(type name facebook side bar...)