Friday, October 24, 2008

Just Before You Log Off For The Weekend!

My Guy!
(Cos you know now, we friends, buddies, PEO-PLES!!!)

How is it going?

It is 5pm on a Friday and i know that some of us only blog and facebook when they are at work so i thought i would get this in quickly before you leave!

The 31st is almost here!
We thank you all for the interest that has been generated so far!

Do you have your Red and / or BLUE ready?
You shd!
You need to!

Your clothes
Your status updates
Your voice!

Thats what we need!

What can make Lagos Stand Up?
FOr me, i think it can only be Nigeria's and indeed, Africa's brand new experience, like vista!
It is M.I o o o o!

And it is the Listening PArty to be at.
O ti tan.
and so on and so forth!

It is on the 2nd of November, at the much loved Swe Bar!
Big ups to Jibola of Swe!
She makes tins happen!

You know what else happens at Swe Bar?
Costume Parties!

Well, if there wasn't one before, now there is fo' sho!

Remember s.h.a.r.e?
The social network for young adults who want to meet people, network, and express themselves?/
And do you know KnightHouse, the biggest blooming production outfit in Naija?
Do you know what happens when they partner?
The freakiest and funnest costume parry E. Ver!

It is on the 31st of October, and the best costumes will be treated to Tosyns Tipple
yes boss!

My face no dey fear your face
Well, someone's face shall fear another on the first as celebs take on the Islanders in a mahd game of basketball at Expo Hall, Ocean View, on the 1st of November, at 4pm.

Kel go play
Dbanj sef go play

Gbemi go commentate

And me?
I go be me na!

M.I shot a video for 'Safe / Five Minutes Freestyle' recently and it will be premiered on the 2nd, at his Listening PArty (do you have your invite yet by the way?)

Now Knight House will be shooting a video on Sunday the 26th, at an undisclosed location
(Dem no want make you mob the celebs that will be there)

My plan is to find out the location and sneak in there
I will give you the gist like only i can!

Fine gal
No pimples
Big Voice

O sexy!

She will also be shooting her video on WEDNESDAY and i hear say the clothes she go wear ehn?
Na firah!

Well, i have spoken with Sura de tailor to patch some work for me because warri no dey carry last o o o o

So, you guys have to come to my blog fo 'sho early next week (Mon or Tues), so i can give you updates on
: Singles and Albums to watch out for
: s.h.a.r.e events coming up
: These Genes tshirts brought to you by ..?
: M.I
: Trick or Treat
:Women in Music
: Mama Ekundayo
: and so on and so forth

Okay, so thank you for sitting back at work to read this.
Now let's parry like it's 1999...

I have five personas, and now, i think i have four skitsonas
- Innit
- Razz Chick
- Thinks she is warri babe
- HipHop L'omo

I go yarn you all dat one later!

Go on soun ma peoples
Go on soun!


  1. Ok. I have issues with Vista but I'll let the 'Brand new experience' line pass...Costume parry? I wanna come as 'tosyn speechGirl bUcknor'...please , please...I can haz cheezeburger too?....OKTHXBAI.

    (seriously? Thanks for being a wonderful person...yep! you. Go ahead, smile.)

  2. LOL u really r funny!

    Dang, i wish i were in naija..