Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It is the THESE GENES RED AND BLUE DAY. to raise awareness for sickle-cell!
Date: Friday 31st october 2008
Time: 9am - 9pm

That's right!
You can be anywhere in the world, doing anything you like; at work, in school or at play!
All you need to do is wear Blue and / or Red, and talk to people about sickle-cell!

Remember, THESE GENES has the following for sale:

TSHIRTS (Blue or Red)- N2500

To get a tshirt and wristband, call Tosyn on 08023066252

You can wear our tshirts and wristbands on that day, or any other day after that!

So remember, on Friday october 31st, u have to do three things

1. Wear a red and / or Blue outfit

2. Talk to FIVE people about sickle cell

3. Give us your STATUS UPDATE on Facebook!

here are some of the things you can say on your Status Update!

- I am a THESE GENES celeb!

- Looking good in THESE GENES?

- What's Your Sign?

- Live Once, Live Well!

Let the world hear about These Genes and Sickle Cell, on Friday!

Dont forget to call Tosyn for a tshirt or wristband!



  1. Oya o!
    I need wrist band and Tshirt o!!
    When wld u be at SWE?

  2. how am i going to get a wrist band???i dont live in lagos. would really love to have one.

  3. I just finished talking to people about Sickle Cell....Research.

    that about makes up for my being oblivious to this on friday :)

  4. good way of giving support to the disadvantaged. hop proceeds from shirt sales will be given to those sick people out there with the genes.
    nice initiative.