Saturday, October 4, 2008

AMBO 4 and Other Updates

Hi guys
How is it going?

I am sitting at a cybercafe, listening to an album Banky insisted i must listen to, partly cos of CON.tra.diction. Who is CON.tra.diction? That is my music persona and i think quite a number of you know of her already, but not to worry, will tell you a little more about her soon!

The first time i saw OC UKEJE was on a stage where he was acting. I promptly asked him to marry me, and he promptly said no. I am persistent though. Ha. Ha. Ha.
It was therefore nice to see him win Amstel Malta Box Office 2. He is afterall, handsome, multi-faceted, and a great actor! But without that extra push, he might have stayed an underground genius.
It is why i like shows like AMBO, the ones that get it right and come at it from an original perspective.
I loved KACHI in the third instalment and was glad Seun Ajayi and himself made it to the top three. Bhaira McWizu, with one of the most expressive faces and deliveries in the industry won that instalment and i cannot wait to see what her movie will be!
(Remember, it was SITANDA for Aziza, the winner of the first instalment and WHITE WATERS for OC)
Wonder if they can shock me in one of these movies as Waka Pass?

The FOURTH instalment is here!
And it has a Royalty theme!
Registeration for auditions is now open so guys, let's begin supporting the movement!
Here's how it goes.
If you are a reality show junkie, then get ready for an exciting fourth instalment!
If you like to party and have a good time, then stay tuned,cos you just might win invites to eviction shows and parties
If you however, hate to always be the watcher and never the watchee (i don begin form words), then why don't you log on to and register?!
Think about it; those people who audition and participate don't have three heads, do they?
Registeration closes soon so the sooner the better!

And as for those of us who just want to watch and comment, then join the facebook group!

Please do not forget MAMA EKUNDAYO
I plan to go there second weekend in November, 8th and 9th November so, if you would like to come with me,or you just want to make a contribution, then hit me up for more info.

I have a dad, mum and sister. And if i had another sister, then it would be Osagie. So love you loads Osagie. Love you loooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaads!

Rita Dominic was recently voted the best dressed Nollywood actress in a poll conducted by NIYI TABITI.
On Sat 11th october, from 4pm, she will be presented with the award and some gifts, at SWE BAR.
It will be a nice simple evening and as usual, Tosyn will sort you out with updates and info!
Yes Boss!

Happy Birthday to Jude MI Abaga!
Love you loads for the music you create, the lives you touch, and the person and persona you are!
O gbona feli feli!

So guys, let me go off now and put on my shoes cos Fourth Republic is releasing their album today at Posh Cafe!
Yes oh!


  1. really wondering where ur energy comes from.

    i think i'm getting addicted to ur blog even though i might nvr attend any of ur publicised parties.

  2. No be lie oh! I swear. This lady is something else.

    Abeg Tosyn with a 'Y', wats in the water u drink?

  3. Hi. Your blog is informative and filled with nuggets of information. I have a report of Poetry Potter on my blog. Maybe, you should tell me what you think of it.



  4. hey wairra minit...I already commented on this on fb...

  5. @ Chari



    abeg comment as often as u want jare