Monday, September 15, 2008

Since Ive Been Gone

It feels like it’s been a minute!
Or two!

Truth is, i have missed you guys die, and while it would have been better if i had s.h.a.r.ed all this gist as it happened, here is my best recap of the last couple of weeks.

Let’s start the gist with my sister! Funke has started her own blog and i am so proud and happy for her! Basically, the blog is life from her perspective- mother, wife, sister (to the best sister in the world), and of course, event planner and coordinator extraordinaire, and entrepreneur on the whole!
That is a mouthful, so imagine when SHE writes it!
So please go there now, and tomorrow, and again, and whenever you feel like, and leave a comment cos it’s an interactive blog!

Whenever you hear that the trio of Bolaji Salami, Osagie Osarenkhoe and Tosyn Bucknor are on a case, then listen up!
Wish i could say more, but can’t say nothing yet! Except for watch out for DIL of course!

No, i do not live at Planet One.
I only go there every Friday for CLUB NOMORELOSS.
Much like Taruwa and WAPi are home, CLUB NOMORELOSS is becoming more than just an artiste hang out cum party cum club. It’s fast becoming family, especially with my regulars that hang out there!
The first edition was the most star-studded till date, and had stellar performances by MI, KEL, NYORE and RUGGEDMAN. All the cameras where there, and we tried our best to look good in our heels. Those heels came off by the second instalment though which had Banky W in the VIP room! Noble Igwe also made his first appearance, and the party continued! What made it even more special was that i presented an episode of NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL, from the Club!
The third one might have been the craziest yet!
MP was there and he premiered his new video for PASA PASA (which is NOT pronounced ‘Kpasa Kpasa’).
Then instead of going home, Osagie, Bolaji, Phoenix, Onyeka and i stayed till about 5a.m, dancing as D.J Excel kept the songs coming!
We requested for, and got- ‘Maga Don Pay’, ‘Safe / Five Minutes’ by M.I, and of course, ‘Street Credibility’. We did not request for, but still got, some techno jams which we shan’tgreed and still danced to! We even did fashion parade sef (Onyeka won), and to top it off, we made the now infamous, ‘KINI BIG DEAL’ remake feat. Onyeka as Naeto C, Tosyn as Ikechukwu, and Osagie as the Strange Girl Holding A Lighter.
The fourth edition of Club Nomoreloss had Weird MC rocking the house FOR REAL! The regulars where also around Deji, Jedi, Noble, and Biodun, and the UnRulies came out to parry!
Special shout out to LOOSE KAYNON whose Swagger is just too much! Not only did he play some of his new stuff for me (me i am loving one in particular so can’t wait), but we also rapped along to Tupac (HIT EM UP) and Eminem (THE WAY I AM and STAN) till about 5a.m.

Cool uhn?
Then put Club Nomoreloss on your To Go list!!!

Yours Truly is seriously starting to wonder about this lof and marriage of a thing sef!
This year alone,
- I have fallen for and got over (in Jesus Name) some guy who was perfect but our circumstances were not
- My Ex and i suddenly realised we had not got over each other but like facebook, it’s complicated
- It hasn’t worked out with three great guys because, Number 1 was either trying to end things with his chick or not, Number 2 had JUST ended his and i didn’t want to be Miss Rebound, and Number 3? Well, that one is just a confused prat!

Maybe i should just try that reality show route?

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With SUNDAYS AT THE BAY, JUST BECAUSE, LUNCH AND s.h.a.r.e, and now, MOVIE REVIEWS, we have fast become the definitive network for the Nigerian adult looking to interact with other like minded individuals!
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My people,
There is still so much i have to say so i think we must do Part Two oh!
Here are teasers of what’s to come next!

These Genes takes over October, Tosyn gave a talk at Jci and also had a drink named after her at SWE Bar (Tosyns Tipple anyone?), and yeah, I CLEANED MY ROOM!


  1. DIVA! Sounds like soooooooooooooo much fun's going on! Can't help wondering what it's like in your heels! Maybe I should start with the Tosyn's tipple :)

  2. it's absolutely not easy to be tosyn!

  3. At all, at all. But it sounds like fun to be her though.

  4. hey hi! saw u on moments with mo! but initially I couldn't place d name,i was like "I know dis name,i know dis name" wen I can online den it clicked!....saw ur teeth again on NI....
    I must say ur a very "happy" person,even though u goin thru some hardtime it will take a harder time to decypher d pressure within,I rily lyk d way u were talkin n all on Mo,shinin ur sto som1 thinks its some blog