Friday, September 19, 2008

Since Ive Been Gone 2

I am back!
Like i was never gone!

It’s a Friday, which means that everyone at work right now is truly counting the hours. And for those of you who were at Taruwa yesterday, then you probably have shades on cos your eyes are still red!
Notin do the hustle oh! It’s all for a better future.

Moving on!

So here is the second part of my SINCE I’VE BEEN GONE series, and i fear i might have used up the best stories in the first instalment but still, there is some juicy, and indulgent gist coming your way!

For example, could i tell you what happened to me last week?
Okay, let me start with a little background.

I think that some past interviews and recent ones have been aired lately, almost back to back. Between my dad calling to let me know he saw Banky W singing to me (that was at Banky’s Autograph Signing at Nu Metro where i might have been a little bit excited...okay fine!, a lot excited, to get an autograph off Banky W), and my mum calling to let me know she saw my interview on Moments with Mo, and so on, it was beginning to feel like i lived on television.
But what was cool was when on Friday, last week, i was leaving my house and the guy at the gate said to me, ‘I saw you, at Club Nomoreloss’. Okay.
But then, i was walking into a petrol station when this random guy then said, ‘I saw you on television!’, and then the petrol attendant called my name, and i swear, like three of them stood together and then waved at me!
It was so cool!
I mean, it is nowhere like what Dbanj, 9Ice, the said Banky, Rooftop MCs, and co, experience, but it was cool nonetheless!
Of course, i had to ruin it by then gettng on a bike.

There was traffic jo!

Now, people like Al-Hasson and i, categorise our Tuesdays as, Taruwa Tuesdays, and others.
That’s right!
We can never stop speaking about a place that i no longer an event, it is now a bi-weekly family meeting with music, spoken word, and a lot of laughs!
So join us on Taruwa Tuesdays (next one is next week), and like M.I said, Be yourself! Be yourself! Be yourself!

So the UnRulies had a sleepover the other night.
Would love to tell you what happened, but, NO!
Let’s just say that we did take care of business and watch out for two UnRuly events- Drinks with (Im keeping the ‘who’ quiet for now), and UnRuly Marketplace!
And Ebuka blogs about Big Brother Africa, so you know what to do!
Do it at
Yes Boss!

I am very grateful to God for life, love and living.
People ask how i do what i do. It’s God
And how do i get through? Also God.
I understand that faiths may differ, but i don’t understand when people try to deny that there must be a Supreme Being. A life of human beings and animals and plants is depressing beyond belief! So i thank God for God! Cos men, what if our life was in the hands of our neighbours or friends?
I shudder!
Thank you Jesus!
Thank you God!

I was doing a million things at the same time so i thought i would get a p.A, but Jude and Biodun tease me because my P.A is a guy...and a cute one at that!
No, when men hire slim-waisted secretaries that wear short skirts, na who dey complain?

Having a P.A helped when i had to fix three things into one day- the Harambe Conference, a Talk at J.C.I, and then a recording session for CON.tra.diction with Sliced Bread (shout out Sliced Bread!)
The training in UNILAG (!) for the J.C.I’s was interesting!
I was there in a pair of jeans and a shirt (my one concession to being formal). See, i promised myself that i would always be myself be myself be myself, and dressing formal is not me. I apologise in advance to anyone who does not agree! I mean, part of my training was to urge them to be themselves, be themselves, be themselves! So why then would i have gone as someone else when Tosyn was just fine?
All that one is grammar oh, cos when i got there and i saw all of them in shirts and ties (who wears shirts and ties in University sef?), i felt underdressed!
And then it was just all these guys, most of them bigger than i was and i was like, what am i going to train these people on?!
This was not the first time i had had to give a talk, or train people at a seminar or workshop, but this felt different and i was tres nervous!
I must have worked out a million signals with Stanley (supposedly cute P.A), and then i got up to train them on how to be a Change Agent!
And it went well!
Even the guy who seemed the most disinterested when i first got there, actually listened to me!
Shout out to Ibrahim Durosinmi!

This is neither here nor there, but my room is clean and tidy and neat!
I even have my clothes folded according to type and shades, and shoes according to flats or heels, and bags are in one big bag, and then i have candles, but not the PHCN ones; scented candles thank you!
My bed was also neat once, but like the omo daddy that i am, one side is now dutifully covered with c.ds, magazines, biros, a laptop, and random things i have not found a home for!
Ah well, can’t have it all.

Swe Bar is always a cool, relaxed place to hang out at, and i especially love to go there on Sundays, (karaoke), and of course, to listen to God Bless on Thursdays. With Swe, you never know who is going to drop in! I mean, there was the one night that had Naeto C (you should know his ‘p’), Ikechukwu (who is currently working on his album), and Dbanj (who came to surprise Bobby T). I have also spotted Banky W, Ramsey Nouah, Kel, M.I, Jeta Amata, Bimbo Akintola, Gloria Ibru, Alariwo, Omawunmi, K.B, Bhaira...should i go on?
And then of course, Toni Payne and 9ice (guaranteed to always 9ice up your life), swung by for karaoke Sunday during the infamous birthday week (which by the way, was one day per persona!).
So Swe rocks okay?

I have to go again so let me make these last few points
- I love people! And here is a shout out to all the people that i love! To the people that make me smile, make me think, challenge me, inspire me, give me love, to the beautiful people, those who look good on the outside and are still fab on the inside, to the stars who are human, and the humans who are stars, to you, and you and you, i throway salut and say i appreciate every kind word, thought and deed.
We gbona feli feli!

- THESE GENES appreciates all your support and thanks all the people who volunteer or contribute to the Project! Please check our website,, which will be updated with news and pictures.
We would also like to share with you that October is a special month for THESE GENES as we will start TEENAGE GENES, a monthly sickle-cell awareness workshop for teenagers (between the ages of 14 and 16). And then, on OCTOBER 31ST, THESE GENES will need your facebooks status updates and your clothes! Let me explain!
On the 31st, we would like your Status Update to say something about sickle-cell, or These Genes, and then we would also love for you to wear Blue and / or Red, to work or school! Blue and Red Day!

- I am currently running a series called YOUNG PEOPLE TO WATCH OUT FOR, in the Guardian. The first instalment was entertainment based and had Osagie Osarenkhoe, Knighthouse, Redstrat, Alex Yangs, and Ayeni, as some of the young people to watch out for in the broad spectrum of media and entertainment!
Now i need to broaden the categories, and i really want young people to watch out for in Finance, Science, Medicine, Lifestyle, and so on!
This is not an Awards Ceremony, it is just a mention in the Guardian but i would love your input so if you know of someone who is working hard in a bank, hospital, at an oil company, or in a Pharmaceutical one, any young person who is doing something remarkable, commendable and noteworthy, then please nominate them!
Send their name, and tell me us why you think we should watch out for them, to SHAREDAZZLE@YAHOO.COM.
Thank you sir
Thank you ma!

And now, i must leave you, but only for a short while!
Leave your comments people, i know you have so much to say!


  1. U r ballin o!!!
    Thats nice!ur life's so interestin...mine's too boring. Need ideas!!