Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mama Ekundayo

It is not often i cry
Okay, thats not true, i do like to release pain, hurt, anger, fear, and sometimes, joy, through tears.
But today, as i sat in 'church' during the JUST US GIRLS event which featured Tara Durotoye, Funke Bucknor-Obruthe and aunty Adesuwa Oyenokwe, i cried a bit.
It was during TY Bello (nee Sokefun's) presentation.

You all know the album, and you must have heard the song featuring Olufunmi, the one titled, 'EKUNDAYO'?
Well, apparently, it is more than just a song. There is actually a story to the song, and it is one of the most touching stories ever.

So, Ekundayo is a tribute to a woman, a mother called Mama Ekundayo.
She is in Kogi State and she basically runs an orphanage where she takes care of all these children. There was the video, where TY got her to dress up and she had so much fun with the camera and in the studio, and then there was the documentary which was basically a Making The Video type thing, but with her story.
Mama Ekundayo is an old woman, she does not speak English, and she does not have the finest things in life. Yet she caters for children that seemingly, nooone else wants.
In the documentary, mama asked, 'How can i eat when my children have not eaten?'.
My heart wanted to break.

What are we doing?
We cry because the heel of our Jimmy Choos broke, and we scrimp and save to buy 7even for all Mankind jeans.
Abeg oh, material things are nice. Who no wan sit on comfy chairs and place their feet on plush rugs? Who wouldn't want a ride in fast cars?
But while we are striving to have the finest things in life, could we open our hearts, and also our purses?

There are orphans in Nigeria!
It is not a joke.
We laugh at Angelina Jolie for being 'Mama Adoption', but she is taking kids that are not her own, and taking care of them.
We are not all going to adopt although i urge you to consider it as an option. But please support orphanages. Please pray for people who are taking care of children that are not their own, and when you can, give them food, clothes and money.

As for me, right now, there is a fire burning and so we must work!
And what we will do is simple
- Raise funds for Mama Ekundayo and her children.
You know how we do now! Fundraiser time! We must do it!
And this should be a regular thing so please let me know if you ever want to raise funds for her.

Personally, i would like to raise some money and take it to her this year.
November to be exact!
Which brings us to the second thing we will do

- ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!
Road trip time!
We will take a flight (all na road trip) from Lagos to Kogi state, stay in a hotel, and then go to see Mama Ekundayo and her children and give her this money we have raised, plus food, clothes, entertainment, and anything else we can do!

This will be in November and it is a s.h.a.r.e Road Trip.

Come on people
Lets discover Nigeria, and hang out with other people while doing something good!

So remember, raising funds and visiting Mama Ekundayo in NOVEMBER

If you are down, say aye!
And lets go there!

Oh LORD, the fire burns, let us make this happen!

Love you all always


  1. Im in Tosin.
    God bless your troublesome soul.
    About the donations, when, where and how?

  2. u no i'd LOVE to do the road trip, but i cant :(

    i can donate though......just say when and how

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  4. Would love to go but
    i'll spread the word
    and for TY Bello
    Its nee shokefun
    and not now shokefun
    How are you doing girl?

  5. I would soo love to do that. but how do we donate? is there like an account or something?

  6. awwww lovely!!!!
    God Bless Mama Ekundayo o!!!
    at the end of every year my mum makes us give out our stuff....he who is tight fisted cannot recieve!!!......
    for everyone......donations...... new clothes toys books lovely things to make the children happier.....would be lovely
    Journey mercies!!!!!

  7. yeah tosyn, very true. evry1 who's bin touched by d story should check out cos there r other inspirin stories like Mama Ekundayo's