Saturday, July 26, 2008


Forgive me, It’s just that I was born with a Diva Attitude.
I therefore assume everyone wants to know what I care about!

August is almost here oh, and i cannot wait for it since its the month i was born!
But July is still here, and things, people and places must be loved abi?
So here goes!

There are nights when i go out and just want to scream. It's something positive though, i am just deliriously happy about the music!
What am i loving at the moment?
Banky W's album which i will be reviewing soon. It is a beautiful album with lovely songs, some of which are masterpieces! (And the videos are not half bad either. LOL)
Here's a heads up on my review- my favourite song is 'Dont Break My Heart'; it makes me cry!

Naeto C's P is massive; let's not even debate it... you hear?

I don't know whose idea it was, (Dbanj or Don Jazzy), but 'IGWE' is more than just an Igbo song done by a Yoruba artiste. No, 'IGWE' is a hit! As are most of the other singles on DBANJ's new album.

Durella says i am too gbaski uncode!

MTrill's single, 'Where You Dey Girl', Kel's 'Waa Wa Alright' and Flavour's 'Nabania', are simply to die for, for varied reasons.

There really isn't much by way of television apart from the usual suspects but if you never saw the first two seasons, then please make sure you catch Season 3 of 'JACOBS CROSS'.
Well-written, Well-Directed, Beautifully shot with Sexy characters, it is one of the best Africa series out there! And check out our very own Akin Omotosho who fine no be small!

s.h.a.r.e, the network for interaction and self-expression is definitely leaving its mark when it comes to social and professional networking.
LUNCH AND s.h.a.r.e and s.h.a.r.e Sunday At The Bay which hold monthly, redefined themselves in July with greater turnouts, and powerful connections.
Very exciting.

UnRuly Drinks with Bobby T was meant to be simple drinks but it turned into the event of the year when we took over Swe on Sunday the 20th. Etcetera, Dbanj, Ikechukwu and Naeto C were there!

I also have to admit though that the Collosal Live Revolution Concert also impressed me. We always like when our artistes perform live, but it is the quality and diverseness of the performances that always wins us over.
Just got back from July's edition as a matter of fact, and i must say, o wa alright!

Let me admit it; 'WANTED' is not the fantastic movie that it could have been and i can't quit eplace why yet.
Having said that, i will continue to watch it because i will watch paint dry if it means i can see James McAvoy in a shirt and pair of jeans, or shirtless and a pair of jeans, or shirtless, and jeans-less sef. That boy 2gbaski uncode abeg!
And Angelina and her lips were now there as well?
Even if it was paint drying, i would still have watched it!

Another movie that you should see but which i am scared of seeing, is 'Batman'.
It will be a nice movie, but i will cry a river for i have loved Heath Ledger since '10 Things I Hate About You' and it hurts that he is no longer with us.

My sister is an important role model for me and i love her all the time, but this month, i just really want to say she is special; for all the things she is, and all the things she does.

My country people!
I am single oh
And this is where my personas come to play.
On one level, i am single and loving it. But that is Hazel, i am sure. She loves the life we live at the moment.
As for Tosyn, that one enjoys the single life but it don't mean she ain't looking.

Do you think i should do a facebook reality show where i go on dates with different guys and try to find 'The One'?
Or do you think that would be an exercise in 'HOW TO FIND THE PERFECT CREEP'?
Aloofar, abeg your opinion matters much!

Life is a gbaladun.
It isn't always rosy, it isn't without its questions and difficulties.
But life is beautiful.
I met my uncle whom i have never met before in life randomly at the airport!
I lost work and found work!
I facebooked and blogged this!
I fell ill and got back on my feet!
I fell in love but had to let it go!
I love life jo!

These are the things and people and places that i am loving at the moment.
I would love to hear from you o online community; what are YOU loving at the moment?


  1. august comes....your fave month.....

  2. my first time here,frm my pal's blog aloofar I saw ur link...well I think its simple n fresh plus class hidden within...anywais,u harsh oo,D'banj release album on friday u don grab am quick!where u at d album lunch?I luv d track "oloun maje oo" havnt heard Neoto C's album yet....
    pls tell me bout d s.h.a.r.e network thing,I'm down4networkin....wat im I luvin bout life right now???d fact dat im bout2move2da nxt phase of ma life...MAKE MONEY!

  3. i just watched batman this weekend. I would definitely recommend it. It was much better that the last one. And, yes, its a little diabolical but I guess that is the direction that the franchise is going.

    Hope all is well.

  4. Ha! Someone already claimed my spot.

    I'm I losing the bet already.

    Next time... I promise ;)

  5. i'm lovin my life, lovin blogville nd lovin my boo, ki lo ku?

  6. I actually think you should give the idea a shot. Besides, who else can do it better? Just few people are facebook veterans ;)

    Maybe we should work together on this...