Wednesday, July 9, 2008

News, Views, and other things that rhyme with News

Hello people!
Hows it going in the online world?

So i am back again with more News, Views, and of course, all things that rhyme with 'news', like clues.

Let me start with what has been my status update on Facebook for a while.
9ice shot a couple of videos a month back, and i mentioned that but the good news is, the videos will now be released in quick succession.
The first one out is the remarkable (taking a cue from lyrics in the song) 'Street Credibility', featuring TuFace Idibia. It was shot and directed by Clarence Peters and i am sure we mentioned a while back that Clarence is going to take over abi?
It is a simple enough video, with cameos by Ruggedman and 2Shotz.
Here is a facebook link for the video, i will put it on my blog once it is on YouTube

I love 'Street Credibility', like i said in my review of the album, it is a beautiful song from an excellent album.
And speaking of albums, here are the albums i think you should have in your car, office, home or room!

- I think everyone in Nigeria has this album already, but just incase, by some odd reason, you do not have it yet, then please, PLEASE get yourself a copy of asa's debut album. I mean, like Linkin Park asked, WHAT THE ???? ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

- The Album Release Party was about as highly anticipated as the album itself! The party didn't disappoint, and neither will the album. Whether you are deeply rooted in hip-hop, or just like good music, the Naeto C, 'YOU KNOW MY P' album, is a must-have.

- These artistes have been paying their dues for a while now. Like 9ice, they have released albums and singles in the past, but most people know them now for that one single- 'La Gi Mo'. But the Rooftop MC's have experimented with rock, rap and fuji in the past, with my personal favourite, 'Shock Therapy'. Buy their new album, listen to it, then look for their first album, and enjoy that as well!

- His album has been out for a while, but i fell in love with him all over again, at his live performance for fans at the Nu Metro Stores at the Palms, recently. ETCETERA is the real deal; he croons like a soul artiste, but rocks like a rockstar! Acapella or Unplugged, he works, and when all the elements are together, then he simply rocks. My personal favourites on that album are 'Michelle', 'Love should last', and the Biafra song but his live performance of 'Last Bus To Nowhere' made me cry.
If you like your rock soft and authentic, then let Etcetera take you there!

- We first heard him when he covered Rihanna's song. It was a beautiful cover, but i daresay Banky W is ready to move away from 'Ebute Metta' and show his versatility with his songwriting. 'Capable' has a catchy chorus, and the other songs on the album are perfect for any lover of R 'n' B. Banky has a lovely, sexy voice, and is kinda cute. So ladies, that is one abum that is a must have.
You heard?

- The last few singles we have heard from him, have not been his per se. Most of D'Banj's work in the last year has been off the Mo' Hits album, which in itself, is not a bad album, but we missed DBanj!
So for all of you who have been loving him, or the music, and missing him, or the music, then there is good news!
DBanj's album, Mr Entertainer, will be available from July 25th, and i for one, cannot wait for it. If the singles enjoying airplay at the moment are anything to go by, it is going to be another chart-topping album. I love 'Mo Gbono Feli Feli', 'Oloun Maje' and 'Kimon!' already, but the one that i think is truest to the DBanj i know and love, is 'IGWE'.
That song is too mahd, and you can listen to it soon!

I will have more albums for you on the next installment of this post, but these are the ones that i really think you should be carrying around now.
Notice anything though?

Well, one female artiste, whose album i am waiting for eagerly is my girl, KEL.
She is sassy, she is sexy, and she is hip-hop!
Her video for the slamming single 'Waa Wa Alright' is too mahd! And yes, that Clarence Peters is too blame.
The song itself is a club banger, and you should see people lose it at her live performances.
I am really excited about her, and her career and wish her all the best!
Big Ups as well to her manager, Osagie!

Here is the link on Facebook for 'Waa Wa Alright' video

Another hip-hop artiste to watch out for is Loose Kaynon.
Met him through Osagie, but first time i heard him perform was at Taruwa where he did an impromptu slow rap. It was cool! Then i heard more of his work (i know people who know people), and saw a video of his live performance at the New Afrika Shrine. I was sold cos any artiste that can perform there, gets my vote!
I have been checking his MySpace page out lately, and i think you should too

You can learn more about the artiste, and listen to as yet unreleased stuff.

One of the artistes Loose has worked with, (on his track, 'Its Okay') is also on my list of artistes to watch out for.
This guy is not yet famous, but he will be, so become a fan before the fame (that is the best kind of fan!).
Pype has worked with Sasha, and Loose Kaynon, and i hear he and Kemistry also have a collabo that will rule the airwaves. I love him for his delivery, and stage craft.

Got to go now guys, but don't forget that the This Day Music Festival is this weekend. My fellow UnRulies will be there, and if i could, then i would go to Abuja, JUST FOR M.I!
Yes, the guy who brought you Crowd Mentality and made us sit up and listen with his rhymes, flow and delivery, will perform on the big stage this Friday.
So exciting!
Listen out for M.I's 'blaze' on the radio whenever you can, you will love it and like Oliver Twist, ask for more!


  1. i'm Lmao!!!
    truly the video is 9ice lol like the artiste
    omg i'm eagerly waitin for the next a show off to those who think naija videos are done real crappy

    big ups to clarence!!! the videos are jus gettin 'gooder'

    .....silence silence.....the rooftop mc's are also makin their path up there lol!

    the land of the rising sun.....i luv the song in an unusual way.....cos it sound unusual......not really heard any other etcetera song but he wows!! when he strums his guitar

    we love the guy who says he is on fire and asks ki ni big deal?

    listened and over listened n is still listenin to kel's wa wa alright........

    banky w!!! i'm always tryin to convince pple he's totally more than that ebutte meta song which is nice too tho.....check banky w n sauce kid really on point song!
    M.I.......his flows....simply flow
    i begged an rj to play him on air one day while i was at work
    served as fuel for me

  2. waa waa alright! me loving my naija musicians and their better n better produced videos. nutting do them!

  3. tosyn, hope u'r getn a cut out of all the albums u're helpn these guys sell, anyway, i gues i'l b checkn out some of them esp etcetera, he sounds lyk i'll lyk his songs. how'r u doin?