Sunday, July 13, 2008


It is i, Tosyn Bucknor again!
(It doesn't sound quite as nice as when the French chick in Allo Allo says it, but hey!)

So, this week looks like it will be a really busy one for me. Plus i got some news that i cannot share yet but is FREAKING. ME. OUT. Really. In a good way, but will let you know soon...hopefully.

Back to this week though and where i think you should be, or what i think you should do, everyday of this week!

The THIS DAY concert brings us Chris Brown, Mary J (my queen!) and 9ice! I was mad at them in Abuja for not letting the Nigerian acts perform alongside Jay-Z, Rihanna and Usher, so let's hope things go according to plan today. P.S, (Tyson Beckford is even better looking in person, and i may not be the same again, for another week).

It is Ebuka Obi-Uchendu's birthday so you can wish him a happy birthday. Infact, i will just go ahead now and declare Monday EBUKA Day.

Some people think i live on Facebook. But there is proof that i exist outside Facebook- TARUWA
Yup! The bi-monthly gathering of like minds who are into spoken word, poetry, rap, music, dance, drama, and anything else that their friends will forgive them for, holds on Tuesday, at BOGOBIRI which is on Maitama Sule Street, Ikoyi. 7-9pm.
NO African Time!
Here is the Facebook link to tell you more!

I met James Amuta when i was working on the Apprentice Africa. I was writing for the show, and he was writing for the website. James is a cha.rac.ter! I love the way he dresses, the way he speaks, and the beard he cultivates! But more than that, James is a darn good writer!
He has a collection of poems, 'ENIGMA', and on Wednesday, at Swe Bar, he will be exploring Poetry as the Father of hip-Hop, based on his book!
It is in conjunction with STORM, and Ikechukwu (yes, his name is I-KE-CHU-KWU), will be the Moderator. A familiar face, a la either Tosyn or Hazel Bucknor, is also scheduled to be one of the panelists. (Yikes!)

Check this Facebook Link to get the low down

Swe Bar
God Bless
Nuff Said

Here is one event dear to me.
I run a social network known as s.h.a.r.e which is an acronym for Souls Have A Right to Express!
We basically believe that the Nigerian Young Adult needs avenues and outlets to express themselves, let their hair down, network and make powerful connections.
LUNCH AND s.h.a.r.e is a monthly hang-out where people can time off work (or close early!), come have lunch with us at LYDO (on Adeola Odeku), meet people, and talk about work! What you do, How you do it, Why you do it!
We always have a great mix of people, from those in the entertainment industry, to those in the corporate world!

And before i talk am too much, here is the facebook link for more info jo!

I don't know why but i always feel like what Taruwa is to me in the evening and during the week, WAPi is, at daytime, and weekends!
This is a monthly meet up of people who deal with WORDS (poetry, spoken word, music, rap) and PICTURES (drama, paintings, graffiti, design and so on) and it holds at the British Council this Saturday, from 10am - 4pm (and they are also serious about time)
This month's theme is

s.h.a.r.e Sunday At The Bay
And we are back to s.h.a.r.e!
Every month, we like to get away for a few hours to Takwa bay where we can chill out, make new friends (or not), and have fun! It's been a massive hit since Osagie initiated it way back in Jan, and we would love for you to join us this month.
Once again, here is our facebook link that tells you all about it!

Just thinking of this week makes me think it might be my favourite week in July, but the jury is still out on that!
Don't forget though that you also need to pick up Banky W and Naeto C's albums this week and i would love your views and reviews on my wall!

If you know an event that we need to be at, then let me know!
08023...yeah right!


  1. Hello ,its me once again remindng you that the blogville idol contestants 08 have sung their OLDIES jams!!!this session in on FIRE!!..Pls go over to the page listen to the contestants and then VOTE!!!dont forget to drop us a kind comment!tanx

  2. Hmmmm Tosyn, seems like you have your fingers in several pies. I smell versatility here!

  3. Kini big deal, kini big deal...i no want make d fire extinguish here!!!! I like all dis. I wanna be a social butterfly too...buuhhuuu!! I'll surely join d groups on FB, I love poetry.
    Tosky baby, how u been?

  4. gal friend.......u de sleep so?

    i wan join u in all this waka o **wink wink* hope its fun

  5. Hmmm...reading about S.H.A.R.E makes me feel that most of its members would love to join a new group on facebook currently advocating for CHANGE in Nigeria. Since you guys ARE in Naija, your voices would ring loudly.

  6. Ignore the previous link. The correct link is on my blog (this comment space is not letting me copy and paste accurately).