Thursday, July 31, 2008

Welcome the month of Leos, and Tosyn Bucknor

It's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to...
But there won't be no crying this year as i turn 35...
(The true age is just as shocking so accept this one jo)

I am so excited!
I am so excited!
I am so excited!

Can you tell?
Can you?
Can you?

Okay, let me calm down long enough to blog dammit!

I mean, this is all my parents fault you know. My birthday has always been a big deal! Parties, Gifts, Hugs, etc. Noone forgets my day, nay, especially not i!
And i get giddy from the first of August; mark the days, develop those butterflies in z stomach, and the works.
Of course, as is with everything in life (like Father Keresimesi and the Tooth Fairy), the honeymoon ended!
My favourite birthday ever was my 18th cos it was tres cool, and it then all went downhill from there.
One birthday was spent in the hospital, forever dispelling the myth to me that sicklers stop having crisis at 21; one was spent first on the plane with the headaches that usually accompany long distance flights, and others have been spent 'just there sha'. You know, basically, nothing to write home about.

So why am i giddy and excited and delirious again?
What changed?

Well, try one of the best years of my life!

I mean, no offence to the year i graduated from Queens' College, or Unilag or even Law School oh! And no offence to the years i spent in love oh! And no offence to the years in Unilag (which were fun times i tell ya) or Law School, but August to August has been a great year.
You still dey ask?

Well you are advised to count your blessings abi?
And even though i have more blessings that i can ever count (thank you JESUS), i can still list some of the reasons i no fit shout!

- Try only one crisis this year! As in only one, need-a-hospital crisis this year!

- How about the fact that THESE GENES was formed, and quickly warmed its' way into your hearts? (We thank you sir, we thank you ma)

- My sister had a baby! Mairo was born in October, and while i would like to avoid cliches please! I still have to honestly say, that watching your sister waddle for months (yee! she is so going to beat me), and then give birth to the tiniest person you can imagine, who then starts to grow, to walk, to talk (still working on getting her to say TOSYN dammit), to eat, and to have teeth (two at the last count), is one of the most awesome and breathtaking things that could happen to you. Of course, i guess it will be surpassed by when i waddle for months (and crave the oddest things like chinese food at 2am), then give birth to said bundle of joy (in my case, bundles as i pray for quintuplets), and bla la la!

- I made it to facebook in August last year! SO this is an anniversary really!

- I met the UnRulies this year oh! Very hard to believe!

I found myself this year. Yes i know that you might find the concept of my personas difficult to grasp and seperate, but they help me live a peaceful life.
Tosyn is the writer, and the artistic person, Hazel handles the business and is the Media, Entertainment and Fashion Consultant, and CON.tra.diction is the music persona.

- This year, i went to Ghana for the African Business Leaders Forum, got nominated for a British Council Award, received an award for Entrepreneurial Leadership, and actually got to give talks at seminars and workshops.
I have to admit that at no point in my life did i ever think anyone would take me that serious, but i guess your passion does make a way for you like 9ice said.

- s.h.a.r.e and SPEECHgirl have taken on lives of their own and for that i am eternally grateful. I also thank Osagie and the SUNDAYS AT THE BAY crew, for making this possible!

- And so many other things i cannot share, or cannot remember! But i am still thankful for.

So you know what?
Allow me let my hair down this August and enjoy myself!
I want to be happy and have a ball, and i am celebrating my birthday for a whole week!
Yes boss!
Tuesday 12th (Taruwa night) - Monday 18th (Movie night) are the dates to keep in mind!

I do think that you should also keep some other things in mind-
I mean, you really think i am going to let you get away with not giving me anything this year?
Na beans?
Na Pasuma and Celine Dion in a duet?

No way hosea!
So get ready for the list!
These are SOME of the things i would like this year.
Thank you in advance!

- Make Up
I know! Boring right?
I thought i would start with the simple ones.
I would like, mascaras (different colours), eyeshadows, lipsticks (various shades), and powder!

- Spa Treatment / Massage
Cos my back hurts dammit!
Plus, i need to relax.
I think

- A pair of pairs of Jeans
I love jeans.
You might have noticed since i wear them 360 days in a year
And i would love some.
Thank you.

And hint hint Funke Bucknor Obruthe

- Teddy Bears and other Stuffed Animals
It is such a darn shame that a 35year old girl still needs stuffed animals to cuddle before she can fall asleep but you know what?
But only after you have got me more animals to add to my collection.
I have given some away, but i still have 'Mann', 'Dog' and 'Ugly'.

- A Date
And you berrer not laugh!

Here is what i mean.
I would love to go on a nice simple date with dinner and dancing!

- 9ice
At any one of my birthday events.
Cos 9ice performing even the chorus of a song, would be one of the best gifts of the week!

HINT HINT Toni Payne!

- Supporting any of the four charities / charitable events i support.
For my birthday, i would love if you could, give your time, money, prayers, or thoughts to

: THESE GENES by buying a wristband

: the LAGOS STATE BOOK DRIVE by donating 5 - 10 books to the cause (you can give the books to me and i will get them to them)


I might be going to an orphanage as well and i will keep you updated on that, but on the 14th of August, i will be participating in an Awareness Walk in Surulere so if you would like to join us, hit me up for more info!

And now, i must leave you...
But not for long!
I will be back!


  1. pls tell me dirs no moderation (sorry 4 aloofaa)... wow, u'v had a full...filing year. so nyc 4 u nd ur enthusiasm is catchin. had my eyes poppin at d age tho b4 i read d next lyn.

  2. Yep you have a lot to celebrate alright! The cream of the crop is for me your health though. i have lost people through 'crisis' so a whole year free is a big do. May the next 365 be even healthier 'ni oruko Jesu', amin.

  3. Hey,u r one of a kind,rily special,i guess d yr must av bn so special 4 u celebrate a whole wk,may b nxt yr u kuld do month(is dat wrong).A birthday is a tym 2 reflect on ones lyf n i guess a wk of reflectn aint bad.Happy birthday tosyn ,hazel n contradiction(tel her 2 send m one of your songs)

  4. Awww..Happy Birthday Gurl! Really gladdening to hear about your health this year, the Lord has been really good to you. May the coming year and years be more healthier, AMEN.

  5. Rayo, if I catch you.

    Tosyn, at what rate do you make new post? Take it easy nau! Ha!

    Lailai, I'm not losing the bet. Just warn all these stalkers, especially that Rayo.

    and Happy B'day.... but February is still the best month to be given birth to ;)

  6. noted on the gifts. u might have wait a couple months to get it tho.......

  7. For some really awful and inexplicably unexplainable reason, your rant (ok, maybe enthusiasm and infectious happiness might be better substitute words) brought tears to my eyes... Happy birth month. You will indeed see many more on this side of the divide. Amin. Next year, you really should make it a whole month of celebration so that late congratulators like me can get in on the celebration act anytime!:)