Tuesday, April 8, 2008


forgive me, it is just that i was born with a diva attitude.
I therefore assume everyone wants to know what i care about
Ah well!

Right now, i am loving...
Okay then
Music is really heating up lakuli. Just when i thought Gongon Aso and Street Credibility (u berrer check where im coming from folks) had me on lock down, then DBanj just had to get us an exclusive listen of his two new singles
You know what?
Mo gbono very very bi amala to jina gangan, dont hate me cos im hotter than you.
Im hotter than you

I hear VANTAGE point is the movie to see. I saw Country of Old Men and sometimes i loved it, then i hated it
Its that kind of movie

For me though, the most beautiful movie seen lately was JUNO. U shd see it, but see it alone so the beauty is unspoiled by any memories!

Ugly Betty is back and Grey's Anatomy still sizzles
TV is fun and i cant wait to have DEXTER and BROTHERS AND SISTERS back

But i also love watching the APPRENTICE AFRICA
i am biased seeing as i am working on it
but the truth is, it is interesting and entertaining, and from feedback i have received, even informative

Funny, i used to date a man called MANN

Anyways, right now, he is BOB
He is a wonderful person and i really really love him actually
Took me a while to accept that

Not to spoil the thoughts of Bob, but i must admit that there is JIM
u see, JIM is now a was i think
Im not sure what happened here
One minute we were watching movies, the next, we drifted, and now he never calls
I dont want to call, refuse to call, shan't call, won't call

I think that my favourite person at the moment is probably still BOB
I kinda moved from one gear to the other where he is concerned
Lord help us

Well, you know that HIPHOP WORLD AWARDS was fun right?
But the event to beat was the JEANS FOR GENES FASHION EXHIBITION
we thank GOD that it went well

Coca-cola is it though some unruly peeps are trying to get me into that whole hennesy lo, bacardi lo sturvs

Okay peeps, thats where i am at, and that is what i am loving at the moment

Wanna show me love?
Then leave ur comments and tell ME what YOU are loving at the moment!

For sho!


  1. loving ur piece in Guardian life, following thru on ur blogs..makes this and interesting read
    right now all i can give me time to is work thats where i am@!!!
    loving it..

  2. loving gongo aso too!!.. mmm ur a QC babe abi??.. boooooooooooo... isl all the way!! LOL

  3. I loveeeeee Kinda Life from 9ice's new album...and D'banj's new song Maje..Shows, the new seasons r startin dis week for desperate houswives and grey's anatomy..can't wait~

  4. Water is my own fav drink o!
    I don't drink soda anymore!

  5. Anyways, right now, he is BOB
    He is a wonderful person and i really really love him actually
    Took me a while to accept that...

    You make BOB sound or seem like a puppy, just saying.... Nice one here, will bookmark your page and surely be back.

  6. I am loving God and loving my dreams!