Friday, April 18, 2008


CHIEDU IFEOZO read from THOUGHTS ON A PAGE at the event

TOsyn Bucknor horsing around


THESE GENES Volunteer tshirts

M.I performs at the event!

THESE GENES tshirts were modelled

The tshirts are all on sale and the proceeds go into the project

ETCETERA, JESSE JAGS and SAGE performed at the event!

These TIES are by OUCH!

JEDI was kind enough to come round and send the audience reeling with laughter!

EBUKA was the celeb host of the event!

SHADE is pretty, but also fabulous as a hostess!

AYANA accessories were on sale at the exhibition, and so were Energy tshirts which were sold to raise funds for the event

Li'l Phlow is 11, but that dont mean he aint gonna give the adults a run for their money!

These outfits were by MY Q, run by YESIDE MOHAMMED

Ashionye was a guest at the event, and MP performed his hit single, 'No Dull Yourself'

DRENCO, all the way from yankee, came home and performed for us!

These outfits are by BYGE, run by OBIJIE ORU

AYSIA and BEZ IDAKULA brought acoustic soul into the house!

These outfits are by BEAMPEH, run by BEAMPEH!

DIVINE BROTHERS performed at the event!

This lovely outfit by BEAMPEH is on sale!

TOKS THE DON performed!

EBUKA, MP and FOLUSHO hold up copies of 'Still Standing', the inspirational book by Toyin Adesola

TOYIN ADESOLA is an inspiration to many. Here, she speaks on her journey living with sickle-cell, and reads from her book, 'STILL STANDING'

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  1. Hi you, saw you guys on channels the other day. In person you seemed more animated than in your photos. Anyway I love what you're doing.

    (Used to be sickle cell myself, I'm one of those fortunate enough to have been blessed by a miraculous gene change - no man of God involved directly O, God just did His thing and took His glory. Halleluyah!).

    Anyway, just wanted to say I'll watching out for more on TheseGenes and waiting for when you'll do an event up north.

    P.S Why not place your descriptive text after the photos? Seems confusing the other way.