Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hello people,
Welcome to the first edition of NEWS, VIEWS and BLUES
We were determined to rhyme, hence the 'blues', but we might change that as time goes on!

Let us start with what we all woke up to this morning,

So, as if it was not enough that we were already online 24hours a day, glued to status updates and notes and walls and pokes, we now have the instant chat.
This effectively means that we will now all be living in and on Facebook.

Its a great idea and it was always bound to happen; sending messages real time was becoming cumbersome. The good thing is you can be unavailable if you do not want to chat.
Let's see how it goes, and let us know whether you think the new chat is a good thing, or a sad, bad, mad thing
(YES, we love to rhyme!)

And now, some people have been asking what's up with him cos i havent said much lately.
Please do not for one second think that the love for 9ICE has waned.
How can?
Just to let you know that 9ice is currently shooting his videos back to back so that by the time they are ready, we can enjoy videos for songs like 'Street Credibility', 'Photocopy' and 'Gongo Aso' at the same time
I can't wait
'Street Credibility' has been shot and it's looking good.
Who shot it?

Who else but the hottest kid out there?
If Clarence hasn't pointed his lens and worked his genius on you, then... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
Nominated in multiple categories at the recently concluded Soundcity Video Music Awards, CLARENCE PETERS has worked with artistes as diverse as Sasha, 9ice, Durella, and now, for underground rap sensation, KEL!

Wonder if he will be working with NAETO C?
Yes, NAeto C
HE is hot, his style is preppy, and his songs are tight. What else can we say but they better get a restraining order for us cos...
On a more serious note though, you should know his 'p' and you will feel the p when his album is released this quarter.
Apart from songs like 'LAgos City Hustle', we feel the anthem will be 'ASHAWO 2008', featuring Wande Coal.
We are sure Gbemi will be playing this on Cool FM regularly!

Remember, she was one of the first radio personalities to play DBANJ's new singles- 'MO GBONO FELI FELI' and 'OLOUN MAJE'
These two songs are just a taste of the fabulous album to come from an artiste who is more than just a singer, or a performer- he is an entertainer!
We have had a sneak listen to songs from the album and all we can say is, get ready to be amazed.
On a lighter note, you might want to go to

to catch a funny spoof of the Mo' Hits clan in the original, 'WHO KILLED WANDE COAL?'
We could tell you that it will make you laugh so hard your boss will ask you whats up, but we would rather you saw for yourself!

Also on,
videos, my blog, entertainment news, a forum where you can discuss anything and everything about music, and information on the last TARUWA that held at Bogobiri on Tuesday the 22nd.

Our favourite video on the website,,

is the new one by DARE featuring TU FACE- 'CARRY DEY GO'
Lets not deny it, Dare is way ahead of his peers in creativity, style and talent and this collabo with TU Face drives the message home further.

While we are speaking of websites!
Here is a quick notice that
THESE GENES; the Sickle-Cell Project has changed sites!
Due to irreconciliable differences with our former hosts, we had to move but we are happy with the new relationship we are now forging!
is the new site!

So people,
It is time for us to go around town again doing our usual round of gbeborun

We will be back again with news, views, and maybe something blue!


  1. yipeeeeeee,am i 1st???nice write up really!
    i tink d chat thingy is toooooooooooooooo distrarcting!it was bad enough before!!!!
    the only thing i need dem to add now is d invinsible feature then i can dump my yahoo and skype!
    u know i dont even open my yahoo mails anymore,i get all my mails on FB!

  2. I never used to like the facebk thing until i met my long-lost cousinon it.i now appreciate it better.

    still impressed about ur luv 4 9ice & the nigeria music industry.i'm a huge fan 2.