Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Once a year...

Some people you are destined to keep meeting
If you believe in destiny
It could just be that its a small world and so you were bound to bump into them anyways!

The first time i met Tutu, i was fascinated
He was tall
He had lovely hair
And he spoke well

That always gets me to be honest

I was in university and he was in America; back home for something or the other. I forget
This was 7 years ago

It was a friend's wedding but nothing mattered anymore; all i wanted to be was with him, and all i wanted to do was laze about and talk about nothing, something, everything.
And thats what we did.

This was in the days of no gsm phones so we swapped landlines, and someone called the other, and we were going to meet up.

So you know how there are people you never seem to get it right with, datewise?

Between us, we had no car, no licenses, and no clue as to what one could do for fun.
So i ended up getting my cousin to drive me to pick him up, and then we wandered about Victoria ISland for a while without doing anything really.
The date sucked.
I felt it, and years later, i realised he did as well.
But somehow, it wasn't disastrous cos it was with him.

Get it?

Every so often, Tutu would come home, and we would bump into each other
Maybe at a club
Oh wait, always at a club.

We would talk, and try to hook up but never get round to it
But we always seemed to be able to stay in touch ia email or so, and so i knew what he did, and he knew what i did.

Cut to Lagos
Tosyn going through all the JIm, NEW and other drama.
Cut to Tosyn hanging out with friends at the serene Cafe Vergnano
Cut to once again, Tosyn bumping into Tutu

Still tall (er)
Hair still beautiful (er)
Still speaking well (er)
Still damn all that and a bag of chips

We spoke over coffee, and he took my number, and he called the next day, and we hung out

Five minutes into the 'date', i began to panic.
It felt like it wasnt working, like the date was going south!
And then, we were standing outside waiting for a cab and it began raining.
And we got completely soaked.
And somewhere between the thunder and the lightning, i realised that it never would matter how the dates themselves went, all that mattered was that Tutu and i hung out.

He has gone back again.
Part of me doesn't want to stay in touch. There seems to be something about the once-a-year way we see and hang out that could be ruined if we began to facebook or email. I mean, i do not want to know if he is dating someone (i think he is, i checked), or what town he is in (Atlanta, i checked).
I want to forget about Tutu till the next time i am sitting idly at some party and he taps my shoulder

Unfortunately, but beautifully, after 7 years, i finally did what i wanted to do the first day i spoke with him- i kissed him.
And so now, i am condemned to that excruciatingly beautiful place where memories are glorified, an everything is magnified.


  1. Aaaaaa! If one could store some moments in time.

  2. Wat u doin now??? Living my days ahead of me???? Well, our stories arent exactly the same sha, but similar undelays all the same. But this time, I think he's gone for good. So, once again, I feel u...

  3. waow! story of MY life . . . hehehe LOL