Tuesday, September 7, 2010

International Literacy Day

Hi guys
i thought i had to at least blog on the day that celebrates Literacy, abi?

International Literacy Day was proclaimed by UNESCO in 1965 and celebrated for the first time on September 8th 1966.

On my radio show today, and also on twitter (you can follow me on twitter as @toptosyn and @abisonaspeaks), i asked people how we could celebrate World Literacy Day. These are some of the suggestions that were made, what do you think? And what would you add?

- 'No Gbagauns on Twitter".
Well this is funny on one level but you know, also true. Let us try to be grammatically correct today, and watch out for those common syntax errors!

- s.h.a.r.e a book
Nice! Be it a novel, or a textbook, if you have read it and you liked it, please s.h.a.r.e it!

- Write with no abbreviations
This i like! What would life be like if we did not lol or loaf or get peoples attn or ....

- Write a letter
THis is my personal suggestion joo o!
I cannot remember the last time i opened an envelope and read a letter that was not an invite or a stock report! Today i shall write a letter to J and possibly to my father!

- Book Reviews and Literacy Segments
Specifically requested for my show, i think if there is anyone who owns a blog, or works on radio, tv or print media, then they could also think of this as a long term thing. Book reviews are no longer in style, but books still rock! And yes, we might all be waiting these days for the movies to be made (Eat Pray Love anyone?), but nothing beats turning the pages of a book!

THese suggestions had me laughing and thinking
Truth is though, if you are reading this, you can celebrate today. That is basic. But we never stop reaching, never stop learning, so why not read a book today? And hey, if you can help pay someone's school fees, that would also be swell!


  1. Book reviews are not out of style o, I hear Mandy Ojugbana does one?

  2. i think they are. noone really reads anymore. n even you myne when last did u rave about a book? i'm ashamed to say that all i really talk abt these days are movies. this weekend its all about words for me :)