Saturday, September 18, 2010

But this is not news now...

So M.I is joking right? He isn't really going to quit music is he?
That is what i heard sha. He basically said he was now in love with movies, and was going to make the anticipated second album, 'MI2', a movie, instead of an album.

Which means he would leave Chocolate City right?


Speaking of Chocolate City, i hear, Kel wants people to know that she might like the company, but she isn't signed yet. Not to Chocolate City, and not to any other record label.
You know, if Chocolate City needs any more signees, they should sign MC Wack!

You know who i'd sign if i owned a record label?
Ese Peters
Now that is one guy who can sing! And strum. I saw him casually randomly perform one of his singles 'Wetin I Go Do' in a little booth during an interview, and unplugged, he sounded great! I recommend him highly to any record label that is sure, they can handle alternative music.

Like how Bez will hopefully be handled well by Cobhams label, and how Etcetera has been handled by X3M.
Etcetera's album is coming out soon by the way!
Yesterday i broke my diet, ate pork chops, and listened to songs from the album
They not only have great titles, but they have wonderful melodies. I. Am. Excited.
Guitars, Music, Life.
It is perfect

And hopefully, we will get a lot of that on the Alternative Mixtape i am working on!

Tell you more about that later!

In the meantime, i am off to take my recommended two caps of agbo, and miss j!


  1. COfreakingSign! M.I. i laughed long and hard when i read about it, then i read it again and realised jeez, he's actually serious. ok o.
    Ese Rocks! that's all there is to say

  2. I'm praying he does stick to music...the naija factor,we want to try everything we fancy.

  3. Hmmm...Speechgirl...What is "miss j"???
    Got my eye on you o...
    Don't bite me, but I've actually never heard Ese's music before. Hook me up with a link??
    Waiting on that mixtape. Sure you'll do well.


  4. The Panda, you've never heard Ese before? You should be shot.

    Great stuff Tosyn, been wondering about this MI ish too.

    What IS miss j? Abi o ti n fa'gbo?

    @MyWorld, you have no idea what the reasons are for his decision. I'm sure there's more to it than he's letting on.

    Meanwhile, did I mention that I absolutely HATE blogger blogs. Why do I need to sign in with some obscure profile that I no longer use or maintain just because I want to comment on someone's blog????

  5. @luminus ewo tu ni blogger blogs o?
    as for u and @capoeirapanda ehn, it is 'miss j'as in 'missing j
    so the question is, WHAT is J?

    Thanks guys for swinging by by the way

  6. The MI thingie...I would have waved it off as a Hiphop head who is aware that Jay-Z 'retired' and came back, DMX, and Lupe told us his last album would be LUPEND etc etc...but if he is serious about it, there just might be more than we all see..but then, assumption is the lowest form of I let it end with the announcement...

    Alternative Music always had a market in's just that music distribution is still handled by a clueless bunch!