Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So i love talking about what i am up to at any given moment.

forgive me, it is just that i was born with a diva attitude
I therefore assume everyone wants to know what i care about

Ah well

Right now, i am loving...

Nigerian music is as usual still off the chains. The standard has gone so high that you either have to be fantastic or very bad to get noticed; noone has time for in-betweens!
This moment, i am loving singles off Wande Coal's album. It took me time to actually listen to each and eveyone of them, but there's fantastic stuff there, once more confirming Don Jazzy's prowess as a producer and A&R whether he does the latter intentionally or not!

Sound Sultan has a song titled 'Aimo Asiko' which i have no clue how i am ever going to get over.

No be beans to rap 16 but it sure seemed like that didn't matter as others got more attention than he did. But with his massive airplay, a new video, and singles like 'How Far', and 'Im Hot', and collabos with alternative acts like Stereoman while covering Ekwe on 'Sample', Terry tha Rapman is finally getting the attention he deserves.
I'm a fan.

El Boogie and i mentioned him as one to watch and he still is. His performance at the Soundcity Festival killed it!

There's something about the way Loose Kaynon raps, and while i first fell in love with 'Swagger 101' (which has the coolest funniest lines ever), and the collabo with Pype, 'Must Be' produced by M.I, is on repeat on my ipod, car deck, and everywhere else!
Must be the way he rhymes rhymes rhymes rhymes....


Romantic Comedies can either make you laugh real hard or cry your eyes out!
When one does both, you know you have a good one so THE PROPOSAL featuring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock is my newest favourite movie!



I have another niece! Oghenetaze is her official name, but just as i named Mairo Sweetest Girl, i have named Taze 'TEMI' or 'ONOME'... cos i love her muchos!

And i got the opportunity to meet MIMS, the rapper from New York on Sunday! He really is cool. I keep saying this and now sound like a broken record, but there are times you meet stars where even members of their entourage have egos! So meeting someone who was cool and calm was loads of fun!

I also met JOZI, the South African group. And they are so different; i started calling them, 'The Quiet One', 'The Chatty One'. 'The Cute One' and 'Bongs'
Cos Bongani is tres cute!

Havn't gone out in a while, but the last time i went out, i went for seven events in one day!
I really loved Slu..shh and Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi's birthday party!

And i am looking forward to...
AUGUST 15th!
Cos it's my birthday baby!

I have always known they are fab, but it took an article in TRUE LOVE for the rest of the world to catch up!
BUCKSTONE FLIPFLOPS turn your everyday slippers into glamorous shoes that can be worn to the beach!
Get you some?
Call 08023130566!

s.h.a.r.e tshirts are now officially on sale!
This is the first step to a full blown s.h.a.r.e Tshirt Line (tentatively named PHIVE), but baby steps okay?
Female tees, Size 8 - 12 (although i'm pushing for Size 6 and 14 as well), in Blue, Grey, Pink and Black!
I should not have favourites, but let's just say i am rocking the blue one die!

So i'm done for now...
It's YOUR turn!
What are YOU loving at the moment?!


  1. loving you (person), the ugly truth (movie),the man who cant be moved (song)

  2. loving ur audacity, keep doiing what udo!love it!

  3. My fave movie at the mo would be Ghosts of Girlfriends past. Don't think it's stereotyped like recent movies. My fave person at the moment is my li'l brother Ekene cuz he's so loyal ... like a li'l puppy. Fave event in AUgust ... yet to occur, but July's Taruwa rocked and I took my friends from jand there. Fave music is Banky W's Strong Tin. Dang!
    Love You gurl!

  4. Hey Speech girl ...saw this(http://lindaikeji.blogspot.com/2009/08/save-caroline-johnson.html) on Linda's blog...and i was wondering if you could post this on your page just for more publicity....i know you somewhat are a public figure in Lagos...is there anyway pple can rally round and help this young lady?

  5. Hi Tosyn,

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  6. Hello Tosyn
    I'm your greatest fan and to find out you also have a blog!!! Well it is definitely going on my favourites list of websites... Anyway,my fav movie at the moment will be The proposal was really funny,fav song now Never felt this way by Nikki Laoye and fav event My university alumni reunion..fabulosity

    How do we get the s.h.a.r.e tees size 8.how much do they cost and the flip flops too?

    Peace...Love your "no send nature" very refreshing

    pls send a text to 08023066252 to order ur teeshirt