Sunday, August 2, 2009

THis is why IM hot!

It is a cheesy title to an article about MIMS, but hey! I’m writing and you’re reading… So it is what it is!

Seeing someone on stage is so different from when you meet them in person. Some are really shy in real life, others are larger than life. Mims is… well, let’s just say, sitting across from him at Double 4 was a cool ‘oh-could-be-hanging-out-with-one-of-my-friends’ experience. No midgets, widgets or books, no formal questions, just sitting and gisting with Emem (of O.N.E Management) and the Jozi guys.
He loves Jollof Rice. I’m just telling you, just in case you do have him over for lunch. He didn’t want to try much else, but he really did like the Jollof Rice he had at Terra Kulture. It reminded him of Yellow Rice.
He likes to theme and plan his albums ahead. Which is really cool. This I overheard when Emem asked him who he would do collabos with. He noted that his first album had radio-friendly songs but said his aim with this one (the third) was to have a great album where each song stands out for itself.
He obviously enjoyed performing in Nigeria and remembered and really liked Little H and M.I. He must have said M.I’s name like three times… So I guess he remembered M.I uhn?
Mims is not quiet, but he is calm. He gives off this real cool and positive vibe where you forget for a second that you’re speaking with someone who has more bodyguards surrounding him as you sit, than you have friends. And his entourage isn’t half bad either. The brother that doesn’t talk much, the manager that is also calm, someone here who wants to learn how to say, "i Love Nigeria" in Yoruba, and all of them full of smiles, thanks and nods….

What was the one memory that captures Nigeria for him?
The drive from the airport!
Just seeing the people, the way we drive, the life, and the, (as we refer to it here), hustle and bustle!
Okay na!
And what was my one memory of Mims, away from everything else, and the feel good vibe he gives off? It was the cheeky tshirt he had on! The front read, “TO all my haters…” and that back? “..thanks for the love!”
Therein lies the contradiction in him.


  1. Aunty mi! ko da oh! I woulda LOVED to meet MIMS!!! no fairr!!!!

    *throws up a tantrum*

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  3. @chari
    dont annoyed oh!

    @milan, thank you so much

    love YOU just the way YOU are....
    (hee hee hee)