Monday, August 17, 2009

My 15mins on 'Judging Fame' on NAIJA SINGS

Duty called on Saturday. It was my birthday, but in the midst of all that, i had to squeeze in [very UNreluctantly], being a guest judge on NAIJA SINGS, the reality show brought to you by MNET AFRICA and produced by STORM.
On the show, they say, ‘Celeb Judges’ but like i told DJINEE who i was judging with, he was the celeb, and i was the, “Who is she again?”.

Backstage before the show was funny. The contestants were putting last minute touches to their outfits, and hanging out, pretending not to be worried, when deep down, each of them was praying like mad!
Some tried to find the right shoes to go with their ‘look’, others kept spraying hair spray continuously! Some took the opportunity to practise their songs again, while others just sat in a corner and meditated.
Djinee and i had to do interviews for the site, and that was fun and cool, although when it came to my turn, they had to adjust the cameras. And by adjust, i mean ‘bring it down to get the short person in focus!’. I know what i want for Christmas.... but it might be too late. Damn those beans that didn’t have weavils!
The interview went well. One of the questions i was asked was, what kind of judge will you be? And i said, all i would say is, “The camera loves you”.
Seriously though, i think my ultimate aim was to be nice but honest. Cos you don’t want to end up sounding stupid, nor crushing dreams. A bad day don’t mean a bad career.
The actual show itself was long, but thankfully, not boring in the least.
First of all, Djinee and i sat together and tried to dub each other! Cos we had to make comments on a clipboard. The audience was also really cool; very into the show. And the female contestants looked good. I loved the outfits. I didn’t get why all the male contestants wore suits though... i think some personalities do well with other looks.
We had to sit through each performance and let the audience make comments, but not talk till the very end. Then we gave our own opinions!
Djinee was looking out for voice control and everything that had to do with the music itself; im always about the total package cos it all counts. Yes, even down to the outfits, and stage presence.
We gave our opinions, the contestants filed off stage, and Olisa Adibua, the host, signed us out! And we finally got to get up and eat!
(I am a growing child... I love to eat!)

So there it was! My guest spot as a judge.
Check out NAIJA SINGS on MNET AFRICA on Sundays at 8pm, and AFRICA MAGIC, Sundays at 10pm.
You can also see my backstage interview on the site



  1. Yea, saw u on TV. Still i think the judges on that show r too nice, we need a Simon, lets face it some of those ppl are crap! Goodness for instance was downright badness! i loved Ovie and Tamara, Riola was ok too, tho she kinda overdid it. Angelic Voices which u liked was a bit too Dreamboat for me.

    Liked ur dreads too!

    PS: i know u somehow somehow but i'm lovin my mystery! lol

  2. you were judging on your birthday? explains a bit! i'll check out the link! where was TB through all this?

  3. I saw it....I thought u did great x

  4. @neo, since its guest judges, it wd be hard to get a mean judge!
    i liked the angelic voices guys
    boy groups are ALWAYS cheesy, u cant get away from that
    but on that night, their cheesiness worked
    riola was perfect, i dont think she has delivered half of what she has on offer

    i still think they all made silly song choices

    @incoherent, check again

    @toni tones thanks a lot
    i am blushing!

  5. Hey Tosyn, watched the show and I totally agree with you about Riola! I vote for her every week! I watched her last perfomance yesterday, she did an MJ song and totally blew me away!

    The show is cool but they need real judges to judge every performance. The audience are either too nice or tone-deaf..always making exaggerated comments and saying good things about every one from the good to the downright ugly.

  6. Yeah...and you looked nice. love ur dreads.