Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank you Ryan!

This post is about a movie which did at a seating, what others have failed to do for me in long while- made me feel good and what to imagine!

First there was MARLEY AND ME which didn't hit the mark for me!
Then there was HE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU, which really tried, and which TB loved, and which was getting there but still wasn't!
And there was THE PROPOSAL

THere are different kinds of movies and we see them for varied reasons and while in different moods!
Sometimes, you want to see an intellectual movie; its all about the twists and turns and plots!
Other times, you just want your regular run of the mill action- it doesnt have to make sense, there just have to be enough car chases!
Then there are those moments when you want to laugh. Not the giggles of a first date, but the kind of laugh that comes with tears attached.
And once in a while, you want to sit with popcorn, with a bunch of friends from university, and watch a feel-good rom-com that just makes you want to grab someone and plant a kiss on them while laughing happily!

And that is what THE PROPOSAL is- a feel good movie in every sense of it.

Devilishly cute actor with great comedic timing? CHECK
Girl Next Door actress with an uncanny knack for comedy? CHECK
Some cute animal, preferably a dog? CHECK
Fantastic co-actors who are as funny as they are zany? CHECK
A believable but still fairytalistic plot? CHECK
Lovely pictures, Appropriate music, Nice balance of wit, sarcasm and irony? CHECK


Whats the movie about?
Sandra Bullock is Ryan Reynolds boss and she bullies him into agreeing to marry her so she can get a visa and not be departed from America. If it feels like you have heard that story before, it is because you have seen different aspects of that plot from previous movies, but who cares?!

You will like this movie. You will find it funny, and relate with it and root for someone in the movie! And even when you do see the alleged twists coming a mile off, you will still feel warm and gooey and possibly clap at intervals. And when you get up from your seat in that cinema hall, you will want to hug someone, kiss someone, and go to be that night, dreaming dreams, about love and ever afters.

I do have one complaint though- there was only one proper kiss in that movie. And i demand more!


  1. looks like there is a lot of movies for me to go watch in the cinema

  2. i was gonna skip it but after seeing the trailer and reading this..........

    i'm off to the cinema..........

  3. Hmmmnnnn. Now, i gats to see this.