Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monday morning.... Wednesday Evening

The week is a lot longer than Monday to Wednesday, but this week, for me, three interesting things will happen!
Kels album goes on sale nationwide this week, and having listened to some of the singles, and seen the video for the most recent single - TOO FINE, im determined to ask every vendor for a copy!

Im even going to be catching a movie Monday evening with my Naija Twitville peeps! I cant believe it, but we managed to get on Twitter and form a damn village!

And on WEDNESDAY, well, Nigerians will stand up at SWE BAR, and celebrate one of their own who is doing us proud every day of the week, and twice on Sunday!
I have great respect for Tolu Ogunlesi, and congratulate him!


  1. Nice plans....
    Wednesday i will be rocking it TRANSFORMERS style!
    u have a good week now!

  2. the video is tweh fyne!!!
    twitville lmao!!!! interestin sturvz!!
    Congrats to Tolu......i'v enjoyed readin his updates on his sojourn tho