Tuesday, March 18, 2008

PSquare don vex!

Okay, this is a quick blog to say that PSQUARE is upset cos they did not win a single award at the just concluded Hip Hop World Awards.
Infact, they have described the awards show as YORUBA HIP HOP WORLD AWARDS and have gone on to accuse Ayo Animashaun of tribalism and partiality.

Jude said Ayo Animashun dissapointed them by making sure that only people who won were of South West origin (Yoruba) except for Ruggedman,Timaya and 2face Idibia.He alleged that 'Stylee' the song that won the best music video is trash compared to the 'Do Me' video he did for Psquare.DJ TEE won the award because he shot it.He noted that DJ Tee is the technical director for the award and his wife is also a top official of HipTv, owned by the award organisers.In his words "That award should have been called Yoruba Hip Hop award"
He also alledged that Rugged Man's name was smuggled into the list at the last minute because the name was not on the original long list earlier published in newspapers or magazines

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I was at the awards and some of those awards might have been given out for political reasons so i can understand if some people complain
unfortunately, i doubt if PSSUARE shd be the ones complaining.
Im sorry, but did they really expect to win ALBUM OF THE YEAR?

and ARTISTE OF THE YEAR? i mean, i wdnt have minded terribly if they won, but DBANJ and TU FACE have also been outstanding artistes
'DO ME' might be an excellently well remixed version of 'Busy Body', but it has not surpassed records held by YAHOOZEE
i can understand their argument for their video winning VIDEO OF THE YEAR but, TY BELLO who did fantastic work on GREENLAND isnt calling a press conference yet is she?

And, did PSQUARE really, REALLY expect to beat TU FACE for the POP album of the year?Do they know what Tu Face album sounds like?
We might have spoilt PSQUARE a bit. we love them and think they are fantastic performers but let them not then misconstrue that love for support above others
there were great artistes and songs nominated for those awards and anyone of them would have deserved the gongs; if psquare had won some categories, i am sure that others would have cried foul as well
i can understand their being upset, but at the same time, they need to be careful what they say and how they convey it
sometimes, winning is more about grace in defeat than the actually win itself


  1. You nailed Psquare. KPOM!

    I totally agree.

    btw, You're awesome in Funmi Iyanda's Panel!


  2. them boyz should get accept their fate and stop complaining.

  3. first time here and you've got me rubbing my palms together, smacking my lips,and so happy i get a chance to vent against p-square...but i'll hold my thoughts.

    i've never liked their music, for one, have you noticed those they sing in english with the fake and localish tones they use?
    i mean hello...i think they're songs just(fortunately for them) happen to be one of those that gets stuck in our heads and we find ourselves humming.

    they are so overrated.

  4. Very nice. I am impressed with this blog.

  5. thank you to everyone who has left a comment on my page!

    keep reading, and talk to others about it!

  6. What happened to losing gracefully?

  7. I guess Kanye West has been reincarnated. Like you said, and you couldn't have put it any better, fab entertainers and performers, but I guess, even with the usual sycophant nigerian, originality saves the day.

  8. you guys just put comments without using your senses,psquare know how the game goes and they play it well,Awards in the music industry in Africa has turned to the stage whereby most artist bribe for award,When you call yourself a musician,you need to show up where ever you are raised in the world,the scenario of psquare is just like when 2 face idibia is known all over Africa before going international,psquare not not europe,asian or american freak,they prove to be a right citizen raised in west Africa,they produce good music to send message to people all over the world,the kind of music you and I can understand,silly people putting rash comments listen to rash music,psquare have gone a long way and if we don't give kudos to what they are doing ,i see no reason why we should be putting this kind of fake comments on the page,they are known for their good work and they are okay with it.Guys ,you self can think of better things to do than to be rubbish somebody with a rash comments as if you guys did not go to school.They are a graduate and they know their right,bribery and corruption is what own Africa and its you guys that did not let the country grow,They have done a very great job performing all over africa before proceeding to other foreign land,guys your C.V counts a lots in all areas of your life. if you guys don't have work to do,then leave computer and find something doing,or if you wanna be famous like them,find a studio to record your voice and give yourself a stage name,shameless people that do not appreciates God's work.They performed excellent in united state when i travel to U.S.A in the last summer,they really make Africa proud.
    I like all the musician in Africa despite the fact that i am a china citizen,i don't support one part and leave one part,but guys you need to mind what you type on blog spot cos this guys have really done a great job in the music industry.
    so,guys be cautioned.
    chauli chau from china.