Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hip Hop World Awards Nominees Party!

Got the text last week and since Thursdays are my only free days from the Apprentice Africa, i thought it was divine. And even better, i could go with the Unrulies!

Until the Unrulies began declining one after the other; and it was go alone, or not go at all
As of Wednesday afternoon, i was voting Not going at all. But somewhere between having an odd day and having an odd night, i decided to go.

Take off points were from Ikoyi and Walter Carrington (V.I) and i was scheduled for Ikoyi but somewhere between getting wrong directions from a certain crazy half of a certain hip-hop group, and generally being on the island, i found myself at Walter Carrington
(I could tell you about how i thought i was lost, then realised i wasn't, then was told i was, then wasn't again, but this isn't about my personas is it?)

I got on a boat with a bunch of giggling girls; twas nice to pretend to not be bothered by the water nor the beautiful boat. LOL

The parry was underway when i got there; Princess was holding forte in the pool with her impromptu competitions, Jedi and the Crazy half of Rooftop MC's were entertaining those on dry land, and some people were enjoying the VIP lounge already!
I think Ayo wanted to see what Celebrities would do if they were kept hungry long enough and we must have got great television content because by the time the food came, everyone went scrambling
HIP TV got great shots of stars holding their paper plates out a la boarding school, and all i have to say is i was a lady; pictures that say otherwise have been doctored!!!
We need't have rushed though because there was more food than we could truly handle; i mean as of when the last man left, there was still barbecue and sweet treats in abundance, and drinks must have been like sea water!
Wish i had remembered to take my own cooler there; i for do sharp Roadside business tomorrow!

It was nice to see the celebs that were there, willing to let their hair down and have fun. Jedi showed he is not only a great comedian, but apparently a fantastic dancer as well, Wande Coal set a lot of female hearts racing, Kween was her usual elegant self (Kween, how do you stay elegant on a beach? May i come take lessons?) and the HIP TV crew forgot work for a minute (shout out to that crazy Dayo who can shake what his mama gave him!)
Sasha, Cynthia, Omawunmi, Niyola and the other ladies in entertainment also represented, and by the time the day was over (they might have had to put me on a boat kicking and screaming but if there is no evidence, i will deny deny deny), it was a surreal day well spent.

Shout out to one fantastic producer (KRAFT and CON.tra.diction are cooking tins'), Terry the Rapman (loving the yellow) and 'J', Dj Tee (who spent his boat ride back home getting inspiration for his video shoots) and DJ Jimmy Jatt, GT the Guitarman, Joke Jaiyesinmi (always a gracious hostess), and all the people i am too drunk to remember now
(And this is with me not taking anything stronger than my coke oh)

And miss you Unrulies cos the P would have been mad with you there

I met someone so fingers crossed okay?

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  1. sounda like real fun but boats nah thanks alot, not for a phobia for rivers and my age i no fit even swim