Saturday, November 3, 2012

This is Your life.. Are you who YOU want to be?

So, Tonto Dikeh released two new singles a few weeks ago. Now she trended and reportedly got over a million downloads. And some think, all for the wrong reasons.
At work, my colleagues and i loved dancing to 'High'. Tope, one of my colleagues, knew all the lyrics within an hour of us putting the song on repeat.
Like i said, Europe, Glo sticks, Alcohol, 4am, Club, and that song would sell out.
I like it.

But this post isn't even about the song per se. It is about those who have balls and those who don't.

Now so many people got angry, but it occurred to me that some of those who were angry probably would never fight for their own material the way Tonto calmly released her song, overlooked the hate and kept going on.
Some people stay at home and knock themselves down in advance by thinking of what people would or would not say.
They want to model but on twitter there are so many jokes about how everyone is a model these days, so they never work on their portfolio. They are good writers but instead of opening a blog, they listen to people laugh at bloggers and how suddenly everyone owns a blog. (re: blogs. It is okay for EVERYONE to own a blog. That is what a blog is all about. It is like an online diary. I don't get why all the fuss.)

My point is, sometimes we spend so much time knocking ourselves down that there is no need for anyone else to do it for us.
And for me, i pray i can truly say, this is my life, this is who i want to be.
Not some times, but ALL the time.

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  1. #truetalk. Most time the people laughing are secretly wishing they had thought of doing those things first and now they can't because they fell into the hole of ridicule they dug for others.
    I love writing and I decided to set up a blog about stuff I like doing. I got ridiculed yeah....but do you know a magazine wants me to write articles now and it was because of the blog. I say, whatever you love doing, go ahead and do it even if it's just for the heck of's liberating.
    My blog is and it would be a pleasure to interview you!