Friday, February 19, 2010

Its not Febrauary till somebody proposes!

So there i was at home jejely when Rogba got in touch!
Who is Rogba?
One-third of the Powerhouse known as KNIGHTHOUSE

How did i meet Rogba?
Let's save tory for tales by moonlight.

Flash forward to 2010, when Rogba buzzed me!
He wanted me to invite his girlfriend to the show so he could do something romantic, as he would not be around for St.Valentine's day.

You know what i said?
"You better not propose o, cos i will just faint!"

He was like, no, he just wanted to recite a poem

Ok na

Step 1: Call Bio and look for a plausible reason for her to be on my show on Friday
- Easy!
Bio owns LABELLES TOUCH, and apart from being the on-set make-up house for TINSEL, and also the in-house make-up artist for MNET FACE OF AFRICA 2010, she is also, literally, make-up artist to the stars!
She has worked on several video sets, including all of Kel's and Knighthouse videos
And (cough) Bio has made me up several times
- Future Awards 2009
- HipHop World Awards 2008
- CON.tra.dictions video 200andwedontcaretoremembercoswedonthavethevideosef
- Kel's video shoot
and more

So all i had to do, was tell her i was interviewing make up artistes

STEP 2: Put all our ducks in a row!
- Let some people at Top Radio in on it- Uche! Martin! Hojay!
- Get Bio into the studio at 9am! Distract her with mindless chatter
- Alert listeners subtly
- Sneak ROGBA (in a tux) into the office with Lanre (the cameraman) and Kunle Adeyoola
- Complain about 'Sean' the other make-up artist to the stars who was stuck in traffic!
- Cue Martin to come into the studio to call 'Sean'
- Panick! Stop panicking! Stop trembling! Go on air and convince everyone you are about to talk about music videos
- Call 'Sean'

Now, let me tell you the gist like i witnessed it!

We called 'Sean' and put him live on air. We introduced Bio and said Sean had something to say to her
Sean went on and on about make-up in a fake British accent and much deeper voice
Then we said Sean should reveal himself
When he first said it was Rogba, she said, 'goat' and laughed. That made me laugh

But guys, listen to this!

Then Rogba talks about how he wanted to call her to tell her he loved her, and cheer her up for she had been going through a difficult time at this point.
All this while, Bio thinks Rogba is in Abuja, and so is convinced its just a call
Then he says,
"And i want to ask you something!"
Cue door opening, Rogba in tux, Bio in shock, "Will you marry me"

Cue the screamiest scream in history!

I apologise that i did not take the pictures i should have!
Between screaming myself and still having to go on air and play, 'BREATHE' by Faith Hill, i could only get two pictures
But Lanre caught it all on camera and a clip will be online soon!

By the way, she said yes

And i shook my way till the end of the show, ended it with dedications and messages for them, including-

TONY: "silly boy! now i have to propose from space!"
VONNE VIXEN: "Thats so sweet! I thought romance was dead! Pls play Ryan Leslie I CHOOSE YOU

God bless us all, and congratulations to the latest Mr and Mrs!


  1. Wunmmie Liongurl BenjaminFebruary 19, 2010 at 4:27 AM

    hmm... things men do for LOVE.... may their union receive divine Freshness and may they have the marriege of their dreams...Am happy for them...

  2. That proposal totally had me smiling. Loved it!!!

  3. This is fantastic. You deserves a 'multi-plus' gbosas for such creativity. I bet you, the new Mr. & Mrs. to be won't forget you too soon.

  4. Rogba starring in Double 00B(bad goiz) - a Knighthose production coming to that cinema near you. 'Nuff respect to kinfolk who recognise that the fine ways associated with being a gentleman is a living art and treat our Queens accordingly. With warmest wishes for an eternity of happiness that surely awaits the pair of you.



    *continued respect to wonderwoman Tosyn on her secret service duties*

  5. Nice romanticf proposal, me likey..

  6. hot and romantic..hmm.Things we do for love.. gives you hope.. lol, nice.

  7. Romance isn't dead after all....
    Warmest wishes to the new couple. All the very best in life!