Friday, December 11, 2009

MORE on AREA Mushin Makeover!

Morning all!
Thank you so much for staying tuned and wanting to know more and all about Mushin Makeover!

It is tomorrow, Saturday 12th, from 8am, for 8 hours straight!!!

The professional painters will be on hand to do the frame work, but we need to be there to help out with finishing touches!
Some people have also indicated interest in making contributions, and an account has duly been opened for this purpose!

ACCOUNT NO: 6014303053

We still need paint, and ladders, and other work tools, and of course, YOU!!!


  1. well done!!! not fair tho how do we who don't stay in lagos help ??
    lovely seen them pictures big up to u girl prayer for you........
    ur well of ideas will never dry up
    and u won't tire out helping others
    ur entusiasm won't turn sour
    and u will never fail to have supporting and lovely people around u!!!