Saturday, February 9, 2013

I am (not) My Hair

It seems i have had dreds or twists for a very long time. There are believe who wonder if i have ever fixed a weave, braided or permed.
The answer to that is, "Yes, of course".

I started out like most children- eager and excited about my first perm and the hot combs. It was always fun. Braiding was torture i was glad to avoid as much as possible but perms i loved.

I loved my hair, but i never really knew what to do with it. And one day when i saw some lady on the road with twists (fake dreds), i asked where she got it done and did that. Then one day i braided my hair and loved the way it looked when i unbraided it but had not combed it. I decided that was fun. I got confused again though when i saw one of the most stylish chicks i have met, Tomi, with an afro. Apparently it was a wig. She lied to me and said she cut her hair completely and started growing it.

She was shocked to see me the next day in school with my hair completely shaven.

And as it grew, i suffered to comb my lovely black kinky hair.
Till i remembered twists. And i spent a whole Sunday twisting the hair. It was torture. But when it was done, it looked great.

Other than when i have cut it from time to time (mainly to protest, to cry or to be free), i have been that way for a very long time.

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