Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Swe... SMVA's and Nigeria Idol!

So the weekend came and ended. It's Tuesday already, cant wait for Christmas.
So lets talk about how this weekend went for me real quick shall we?


My mum told me the other day not to take vodka cos it has forty percent alcohol. Okay mummy!
I did go for the Vodka party and had a blast at Swe. Dj Deluxe of Swe as always, had us dancing, there were free drinks and more, and the company (Djinee, Bolu and co) was amazing!
To cap it all, Christine performed ''Im a Star'.
If you have ever tried to speak with a bunch of people at a bar, you would know what that feat was! Cos she had them paying attention and asking for her singles!
So i guess we have one to watch!

Sound City Video Music Awards.
I like how the SMVAs insist it is all about the videos and so there are technical issues to consider, which means winners are not always the popular choices!
Its an interesting argument, and i wouldnt neccessarily fight with it, but it is hard to balance technical with popular!

So the awards.
First off, one of the better co-ordinated award events of this year. I truly liked the event flow.
One negative, i did not enjoy the VIP... I suppose there was a justification for putting the VIP seats at the gallery, but there were no ushers up there telling us what! So people kept seats, people stood all through....
I love performances and the SMVA's gave us several!
Did i like them? Well yes!
For the most part
Best performances on the night? E.M.E and Sasha!
Worst? A certain alapomeji family should have put their craft together better. ANd maybe if 9ice had appeared at the end, it would have salvaged the situation. By the way, i really like lady, she should have done her own version of street credibility though!
I tried to escape the red carpet to be honest, but i think i was still caught on camera!


And yes! It is back, and this time, seems to want to be better
i loved the first season of Nigeria Idol though, I mean, it had Mike Majic as the host, and produced Timi Dakolo, Omawumi, Temitayo George and more!
So you wont hear any complaints from me

This season has Misi Molu and Anis as hosts, and from the first episode i saw, Anis has a good sense of humour which translates on air...
The judges are interesting. I mean, yes, Jeffrey invented the moonwalk, but his comments show there is more to him than that. He seems to want to be the nice one though, like a randy jackson
Yinka Davies is technical, i would be scared to sing in front of that powerhouse i swear
And Audu is... well Audu! Funny, knows his onions, and funny!

Not looking too bad, let's see how it goes. And at least, we know we have guaranteed laughs for the first few episodes with those auditons o!


  1. You sure keep having fun okay?
    Take care

  2. he!he!he! We have the same blog format.

  3. I remember a funny comment: someone said that SMVA's was "Yaba", and the VIP section was "Oshodi"!! Lo! Anyway, not taking anything way frm the organizers, but it was a good show.....those alapomeji ppl enh! I was expecting 9ice's "Taaaaaalk, I Yam Leezening", oh well, at another event I guess

    And Swe is always off te hook jare!