Monday, June 21, 2010

CON.tra.diction - Dreams ( Place to go ) | Official Video |

Between Hazel and Abisona/myself, and Tosyn and even one of our skitsonas, Toptosyn, it has been hard for CON.tra.diction to get her time or shine. But 'personas are not smiling' cos she says she is ready, or at least wants to try!
So she has been recording, and well, being! And here is the video for her second first single, shot by AK ONE, and starring Skales, Kay Doherty and some totally adorable kids!

This song was produced by COLDflames!


  1. ...this is a very lovely video..i like the playful undertone of your movement...

    now this is one more thing to like about tosyn bucknor cos i also love your show...

  2. I'm still looking at Skales and Kay Doherty....ahem, I mean, Skaydoherty! ;)

    Really nice video, had a story, love it.

  3. Dreams....Great Song, Classic Video! QED!