Monday, May 24, 2010

Im so Endowed! Dbanj is back!

yee pa!

thats how 'Endowed', the new single by the very sexy DBanj begins!

Yee pa indeed because between twitter and notjustok... well, the comments have been 'yee pa' inspired!


something else he says.

A quick 'ose' (thanks) to Don Jazzy for the beat!
Don Jazzy delivers yet again so almost all agree that Don Jazzy 'killed' the beat!
I have only seen one tweet that made an allusion to the fact that the beat might not be completely original

As for Dbanj...

I love Dbanj
It might be important for me to say that first before proceeding
Feel free to think i am biased but these are my five kobos

1 kobo- the song had me at hello. or in this case, YEE PA!
I have it on repeat, and will probably know all the lyrics by tomorrow morning

2. Simple lyrics. Yawn.
Okay, i first fell in love with DBanj when i saw him on television performing 'All the Way'. Then i heard, 'Mobolowowon'
I was sold. I even dared to say maybe we found our generations Fela. For our generations Fela would not neccessarily come with a shrine and afrobeat.
But nah. Somewhere between touch down Lagos and 'Why Me', Dbanj chose the path of easy lyrics.
Which does not make me like him or his music any less. For there is as always, music for the club, music for the car, music for the conscience and music for stillness
I had hoped it would be consciousness, but its clubs
Who am i to judge? Am i endowed?

3. people take music seriously.
I guess i cannot blame them. If ure going to make people shell out money for a c.d and for concerts, and if ure going to make them shell out feelings and emotions and love, u must expect them to expect something in return
Sometimes people take music too seriously!
And they forget one important thing- no matter how objective one gets, music is subjective.
Enjoying a song just happens, It does not come with facts, figures, graphs or percentages.
A song either tugs at u or does not.
You can like it or loathe it. But with all due respect, u cannot tell me whether to like it or loathe it!

4. I would love for Dbanj to work with one or two other producers, I really would.
What would an eLDee or Deejay Klem do with a Dbanj? I would love to listen to the results. I would love to have Dbanj work with someone else and deliver a crappy track, than continue to make the middle of the road songs.
And there is always that chance that it would be a great track!

There is nothing wrong with producer-artiste teams.
But Dbanj needs a challenge. He needs to leave the comfort zone.
I am like that teacher who sees the gifted child sitting at the back of the glass blowing spit bubbles and saying, 'come on kid! give urself a fighting chance!'

5. yee pa! ose! steaze! please! ease! retarded! endowed
Love the beat
Have the hook down already!
Love the lyrics
Love the voice
Love the song!

Listen to 'Endowed' on NOTJUSTOK here!


  1. you are endowed o! lol. but me i no sure yet o. i think there is something missing. I like when an artist comes back with something fresh, but this one somehow sounds like a song that missed the last album ( my view). But maybe someday...i will be endowed.

  2. ah i love the review!!! u nailed it spot on!!! i am now officially sold to ur opinion on matters :)

  3. aww man i posted a comment but its not come up!!! :( err i will just write it again :(
    i said i loved ur review and now ur opinions count in my world :)

  4. thanks S Kuti, honoured u swung by!

    Nickel! Lets talk on twitter

  5. I am not much of a hiphop or nigerian music person but I am so looking forward to listening to dbanj's talent

    Came here to check on you! hehe.

  6. @Seye
    okay listen then let me know what u think

  7. YePA!

    Well, I think we've come to accept that it's D'banj, and whatever he does is always catchy. Trust me, just listen to the track a few 20 more times...naija music tends to grow on you!

    I for one am appreciative of what the Mo'Hits crew and D'Banj do, because if you think of it critically, they actually give us pretty positive press within and outside our shores.

    So kudos to them, and kudos to D'Banj on the music, and that broadway FELA role he got!

  8. Fab review, chica! I don't particularly love the song, but I'm sure it'll grow on me!
    You rock, baldy!

  9. @strictly naija
    if u think of it 'critically'...
    u managed to work a mo hits song title into the post

    it will, ull find urself one random fri dancing!
    thanks for the love

    im posting as Abisona now!

  10. Guess he's chosen a producer he can work most comfortably with...
    Wish him well with the new single..album and all!

  11. Would try to listen in..
    Had fun reading.

  12. Love DBanj and love your review of him. Think He is just happy in his comfort zone, but would love to listen to his work by another producer

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  14. I have listened to this song and i am not yet sold but like every Dbanj's song i did not like, "Endowed" will grow on me and make its way to my iPod