Thursday, April 15, 2010

back... again... ok

Its hard to explain why i have not been writing
Lets just say the universe has not been aligning properly for me to write
Yes o! I may not believe in chi (qi) and such, but i do know sometimes, you just need to be at peace to write
It doesnt mean you have to be happy, it just means you have to be at peace
It doesnt mean you have to be free, it just means you have to be at peace
And in my case, there is also the fact that i need my desk placed at the perfect place!

I moved a table at the Top Radio studios from where it was to another spot, and now i feel i can write a letter to Santa, you and everyone else in between!
But let this not be the storm before the calm o!

So knock on wood, i am back!
Forgive that i was gone so long, some things could not be said
Forgive that i ignored you, some thoughts could not be s.h.a.r.ed
But back i am!


  1. In the words of Mase..."welcome back, welcome back, welcome back"...Lol
    Oh and good luck with your new desk position;)

  2. So good to have you back..Happy for your desk

  3. Hi toptosyn! i'm dt dentist who called in to top radio sumtym last yr and invited u to view my blog, remember me?
    well, i'm sorta 'back again' too. changed the name of my blog and wud like u to follow. heres d link..
    what does it matter if u follow or not? well, ur now my 'compulsory mentor' so pls do. cheers and pleasant to have u back too.