Monday, January 4, 2010

s.h.a.r.e monday movies!

Hey guys!
Hope you are not too grumpy and ticked off that the holidays are over?!
It was a semi-long one, haba!

Well, you can keep that holiday feel by joining s.h.a.r.e for a movie today!
Its s.h.a.r.e Monday Movies, and we do this evey first monday!

Meeting time is 5pm (helep us try not to do naija time, u hear!), and meet point is the galleria!Where specifically? depends on tiem you come
ha ha ha

Ill be the girl in the pink s.h.a.r.e tshirt!

Our movie options are
AVATAR for 5.10pm
2012 for 7.30pm

I know where we are leaning, but it depends on all of us!!!

So please send us a text to the official s.h.a.r.e line to confirm so we know whom to look out for!

Movie tickets for Mondays at the Galleria - N1000
You also get popcorn and a drink

The good news is, if you wear a s.h.a.r.e teeshirt, we will pay for your ticket!!!

So let us know!

1 comment:

  1. i want a tee-shirt too!! hav fun
    happy nu year!!
    jus listening to love and attention ..... luv the afrobeat twist to it!!!
    enjoy the 2010!!! we will live to testify