Sunday, November 29, 2009


Sometimes you hear about a project, and you are so excited that you sign up for it, and resolve to sign a million people up for it as well!
Or at least, the people that read your blog!!!

What better way to spend a saturday morning than to hang out in MUSHIN, painting and cleaning? Doesn't sound exciting yet? Well, check it! Banky W will be there! Wande Coal will be there! Ali Baba will be there! Fela Durotoye will of course be there!!! Err... I'll be there?
We will be painting, cleaning and chilling out!
I think it will be fun!

But don't come there just for the fun! Come there because you want to make a difference! Come to Mushin and paint or clean something! Do it because it is all well and good for us to keep wanting Nigeria to become bigger, better, safer, cleaner, and so on, but its better for us to start doing something about it, ourselves!

I will be giving you more information as things and events unfold, but you can check the official site

lets really go there!


  1. just wondering why D'banj isn't into stuffs like this ......?

    keep up d good work!

  2. are there any OTHER events slated for a little LATER in december?

  3. This sounds like good work. Keep it up and all the best.

  4. This sounds good....might actually participate

  5. thanks tosyn...

    for people who wanna help or partner with the Mushin Makeover project can bring their own buckets of paint and brushes to the venue to join the movement.

  6. to register to be volunteer, you can click on this link...

    and it's hey! presto!,com_rsform/Itemid,49/


  7. This is cool, I paint. Sorry i dont paint, i draw, which ever. mushin is where i get most of my materials and tools. its time to give back to our community. catch u there.