Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hey folks!

So i have got tickets to give away and i am so excited

Naeto C, the guy who declared his 'P' a long time ago, is now releasing his album! The album titled, 'You Know My P' will be released next week and we start the celebrations with an Album Release Party on the 28th in Lagos

So here is the deal, i have tickets and i thought i would share them with people who read my blog

If you want a ticket, leave a comment on this blog and answer any of the following questions

- What is Naeto C's first name?

- What Record Label is Naeto C under?

- What is the World Famous Akademy?

Okay then, remember, this is cerious music so let's get to it cos i do not want to go for the party alone!


  1. Hey Big Sis,
    Send me 2 damnation 4 not callin' all dis while.Wuz tied down by fever.
    1.Naeto C's real name -Naeto Chuko.
    2.He is under Obi Asika's STORM RECORDS.
    3.WORLD FAMOUS AKADEMY is Ikechukwu's production outfit which is also home 2 Uzi (his brother) n Naeto C.

  2. Tickets please. Even Google failed to give me an answer ;)

  3. ok i no who he is now. love the "kini big deal" video. ultra cool concept!

  4. idea
    no3........storm records(no b so Ikechukwu dey call am)

  5. swinging by to show you UnRuly love girl!

  6. 1. Naeto Chuko (found dat on his MySpace profile... he-he-he)

    2. Storm Records na!

    3. I dont know o, but according to the WFA website (ha-ha-ha-ha!): "The World Famous Akademy features the trio of Naeto C, Ikechukwu and Uzi."

    (Your blog was 15th on google's search for Naeto! Congrats!)


  7. lmao!!! i won't even get to if i got the ticket
    but i'll be glad to get an album with his signature on it!!!

  8. 1. Naeto Chuko
    2. Storm Records
    3. I ain't gotta clue!

  9. real name naeto chuko,record label storm record found that from storm media website n wfa is a brain child of ikechukwu of which naeto c is part of.i fink i deserve to win d ticket.yinka

  10. After Naeto c's launch Bacchus is having a Sex and the City Party Only Girls till one pm.

    You stand a chance of getting free hair products from Natures Gentle Touch at the party.

    Be there or...

  11. Naetochukwu Chikwe
    clothing line or sth like that

  12. wattup is ur girl lil' zoe
    1.Naetochukwu Chikwe

    2.Storm Records

    3.W.F.A is combo of Ikechukwu,Naeto C n Uzi(ikechukwu' bro)

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